5 Creepy TV Characters You Don’t Want to Meet in a Back Alley

back alley creepy tv characters

Goody two shoes might be popular, but creepy characters make for much more interesting television, wouldn’t you agree?

Ages ago we heard someone say on Oprah – when you see crazy, cross the street! (feel free to judge us, like you never watched Oprah?) But we can all agree that it is getting difficult to discern the creeps from the non-creeps.

Television is handy that way because, unlike in real life, you can tell a creep a mile off (plus if they annoy you, you can throw a slipper at the TV and no-one will get offended). A short list of some our favorite creepy TV characters is below, feel free to share you favorites in the comments.

Alice Morgan

Alice Morgan We love Luther a lot. The reason, apart from Idris Elba’s good looks and the fact the show is really good? Luther’s psychopath BFF Alice Morgan. You don’t want to cross Alice. Why? It is not going to end well.

You will either a) die a slow, agonizing death and she will make it look like you died of natural causes so no-one will be the wiser or b) you will die a slow, agonizing death and she will dispose of your body in such a manner no-one will ever find you. It ends badly no matter how you slice it. Just leave Luther well alone and you should be ok. On a side-note – you might want to leave Luther well alone anyway, because people around him end up dead.


Dexter Morgan
Ah, our favorite serial killer (we know, it sounds ghastly). We liked Dexter. A serial killer who lives by the Code. Which means he only disposes of people who deserve it. Translated from Dexter-talk to normal people’s language – criminals, killers and all manner of scum get the chop. However of late, Dexter interprets the Code loosely and that… worries us.

If you take away Dexter’s Code all you got is a psychopathic serial killer with equipment that would put any butcher to shame. Also, the guy buys plastic sheeting in bulk, surely (SURELY!) someone would have caught on by now that he might be doing something iffy?

Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Dr. Hannibal Lecter
You know the old adage that says if something is too good to be true, it probably is?

On first inspection Dr. Hannibal Lecter seems lovely – impeccably turned out, smart, easy on the eye and a good cook. However we cannot decide which scenario would be worse – to have Dr. Hannibal Lecter as a therapist (he might kill us) or to have him as an acquaintance (he might invite us for dinner and feed us human internal organs). Be as it may – you do not want to piss him off. Or annoy him. Or pique his interest. Or, heaven forbid, become friends. Or accept a plastic comb while you are in a hyperbaric chamber. Just FYI.


Moriarty, as imagined by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, is the ultimate villain, no? A criminal mastermind who does evil things because a) he can and b) he gets easily bored. But that is what makes him such a wonderful arch nemesis for Sherlock. Before the Cumberbatch Collective starts to throw assorted rotten fruit and vegs our way – yes, it’s horrible what he did to Sherlock, but in case you haven’t noticed… SPOILER ALERT… Sherlock lived. So we think Sherlock kinda won that one.

Mickey Donovan

Mickey Donovan
You know that horrible uncle that everyone avoids at the family gatherings? Just throw in some malignant vibes and you’ll get Mickey Donovan. Given Donovan family relations are complicated (the non PC word would be f*cked up). But even if you were raised by cave people we think someone who gets their grandchildren drunk (hmm?), supplies drugs for his adult children (hmmm?) and kills someone without blinking an eye, would be frowned upon. Also – enough with the twerking, him and Miley Cyrus should get a room.