Sylvester Stallone Turns 60, Disco-Style

Sylvester Stallone 60 birthday disco las vegasIf Sylvester Stallone was a woman, he'd have his bus pass by now. But he's not a woman at all, so he can celebrate his birthday by taking a break from making a film about him punching a young man's face into mush.

On Sunday night, Sylvester Stallone welcomed his 60th birthday by inviting all his Hollywood friends to a disco at the soon-to-be opened Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas, where he partied the night away just enough to forget about the fact that he's making a ridiculous film about a 60-year-old man who's still really good at boxing.

Some people you just never expect to become 60 years old, do you? Anyone watching Rocky or Rambo or Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot will have kept the image of a youthful Sylvester Stallone in all his pomp either punching foreigners or shooting foreigners or doing whatever the hell he did in Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot. The thought of Sylvester Stallone turning 60 just seemed impossible.

But tough shit, because Sylvester Stallone celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday with an all-star party at the almost-opened Planet Hollywood resort and casino in Las Vegas. Sylvester Stallone's wife Jennifer organised the bash, and invited all of Sylvester's friends to come to wish him well, from fellow Planet Hollywood partners Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Tom Jones, who apparently sang come kind of disco medley, to John Travolta to that tiny bloke out of Just Shoot Me. It must have been like a cavalcade of people who used to be a lot more famous 20 years ago, and that tiny bloke out of Just Shoot Me.

The party came in the middle of production for Rocky Balboa, the mostly-unbelievable story of Sylvester Stallone beating up someone a third of his age which is being written and directed by Sylvester Stallone. And following that, Stallone will make Rambo VI , an even-more unbelievable story about Sylvester Stallone shooting holes into all kinds of foreign bastards even though he'd much rather put his feet up and watch Springwatch. And following that, we can all cross our fingers for Stop Or my Mom Will Shoot 2.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]