Someone at Givenchy Has Been Drinking The Kardashian Kool-Aid

Kim Kardashian White Sweater DressThere are a lot of people I would compare Kim Kardashian to.? A hooker.? A dodo bird.?Farrah Abraham.? According to Riccardo Tisci, the?creative director behind?Givenchy who is potentially losing his mind, she is our modern-day Marilyn Monroe.?

Yea, I am pretty sure in 30 years girls won’t be getting Kim Kardashian quote?tattoos all over their body or rocking her couch dress every Halloween the way they do Monroe’s iconic white one.? And if they do, I am not sure this is a world I’d want to live in anymore.

Kanye West must be a really, really good friend.? Like, buy your love kind of friend.? It is the only way to explain how Riccardo Tisci, a guy who creates some of the most beautiful and sought after fashions (except that Raymour & Flannigan casing.?That will be a permanent black mark on his record), could ever rave about Kim Kardashian the way he just has.? He and West have been friends for a while, and while you expect some kudos to be given to your friend’s baby mama, Tisci just takes the fawning to a ridiculous level.

?I met her as the girlfriend of a good friend. I just wanted a moment with her to understand?and I fell in love. She?s the Monroe of our age. People think she?s like a doll, but actually she?s tough and clever.”

Outside of the showing off her body and women everywhere hating on them, I fail to see how you can really compare Kardashian to Monroe.? Monroe slept with presidents and mobsters, Kardashian got peed on by Brandy’s little brother on film.?? John Franklin Kennedy versus Kris Humpries.? I mean, really???Monroe revolutionized beauty and sex appeal.? Kim has had tons of plastic surgery and even Photoshops her Instagram pictures.?? Now Kanye said the same thing about Kardashian a few months ago, but you expect him to say that sort of crazy shit about his living “My Size Barbie” and human incubator of his offspring.

“It?s not so much the beauty of people, but the talent, the roots and the intelligence that concern me. I love people who are not scared to fight for their own rights and have their own point of view. The world is big: the music world is big, the art world is big and the fashion world is big, but I think you can recognize a tribe in the similarity of people.?

Talent?? Has Riccardo heard “Jam (Turn It Up)” or seen Kim “act” ever?? There is?no way homeboy can be exposed to that shit and still call Kardashian talented unless Yeezus came to him in a vision by a bush and he is now a proud believer in the new Messiah.? This is some serious Kool-Aid these bitches are all drinking, and to be honest, it kind of scares me.? What’s next?? Will Anna Wintour stop being my favorite female Willy Wonka and actually put Kim on the cover of Vogue? The horror.