Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Are Bumping Hotties

Joe Manganiello Sofia VergaraLet’s face facts folks- there are good looking celebrities, and then there are HOT celebrities.? Take Sofia Vergara for example.? Her voice may make me want to rupture my ear drums with a spork, but there is no denying that she is one foxy lady.?Same with Joe Manganiello, otherwise known as the buff sexy fireman from Magic Mike. That man is just…yum.

Now that Sofia is done messing around with her drug fueled, hot mess of an ex fianc?, she has supposedly moved on to what I imagine a sexy werewolf would really look like (sorry Taylor Lautner).

Sofia Vergara only just recently ended her 4 year relationship with Nick Loeb, some guy who was trying to be a politician but instead decided fried onions were a way better career choice.? The two broke up once before, but decided that instead of walking away for good they’d get back together and get engaged.? Nick has an alleged love for drugs and tramps, which left many wondering why Sofia was lowering herself to a mediocre looking guy, with a mediocre (at best) career, who was also such a douchebag.

But Sofia finally saw the light, or found a pair of panties that wasn’t hers in the couch cushion, and the two broke up.? Now, with barely any time passed, she is apparently hooking up with Joe Manganiello.? He’s been in quite a few films and television shows, but really all I care about is that he is a man’s man.? Tall, handsome, jacked. Pair his six pack abs with Sofia’s perfect ass, and it’s actually kind of unfair.? The two met at the White House Correspondents dinner back in May, but sadly Sofia will still slumming it with Nick then.

The two were seen together this weekend in New Orleans,? getting some fried chicken, which means they are totally doing it.? Nothing tastes better after a night of extensive hooking up than greasy fried food.

In case you?are having a brain fart, this is Joe Manganiello.

Joe Manganiello Body

Yes. You go, Sofia.? You go.
Actually, you go too, Joe.

Sofia Vergara