SLACKERJACK – The Idiot Test

The Idiot TestHey, idiot! That's right, we called you an idiot. And you know what, there's only one way that you'll be able to prove that you're not an idiot, idiot, and that's to take The Idiot Test. You idiot.

The Idiot Test has taken up a spot as one of our new favourite things. The Idiot Test is just that – a test to see how much of an idiot you are. We don't want to give too many secrets of The Idiot Game away – lest you steal from it and falsely become less of an idiot than you really are – but rest assured that there will be colours and buttons streaming at you faster than a stampede of idiots into a closed patio door. By the way, we don't think you're idiots. Please don't leave us. You're all we've got.

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