So much of the working day is like a big clenched fist, isn’t it? A clenched fist that, when you unclench it, you see that you’ve been clenching so hard that your fingernails have cut into your hand. Isn’t it. Just us?

That’s why Music Catch is so lovely. It’s a stupidly easy game to play – you just have to catch the objects that flow into the screen with your mouse, aiming for the purple and yellow ones and avoiding the red ones. That’s it. But there’s something soothing about Music Catch – maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the unfussed, uncomplicated nature of the game itself – but give Music Catch a go and you’ll see that it’s a lovely big exhale of a thing, and it might just singlehandedly save us from that massive anger stroke that we perpetually seem on the brink of.

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