Rolling Stones Prepare To Rock China, Possibly

For a bunch of old gits, The Rolling Stones have had a busy few weeks. From being censored on the Super Bowl to playing a giant Brazilian concert on a beach, the Stones seem to have done it all.

Well, almost done it all – The Rolling Stones still haven’t managed to play a concert in China yet. But that should change in April when the band will play dates in Shanghai. Probably – there’s still a chance that this has all been made up.

The Rolling Stones (CDs) have really been excelling themselves in 2006.
Despite literally being so old that a stiff breeze would shatter most
of the band members’ femurs into dust, they’ve been playing their
little socks off. First came the much-heralded Rolling Stones Super
Bowl halftime concert
that was plagued by claims of ageism, racism and
over-zealous censorship. And that was swiftly followed by the recent
free Rolling Stones concert on Copacabana Beach, which was attended by
millions of people all keen to experience the most uncomfortable way of
getting mugged by favela boys going.

And now, if reports are to be believed, The Rolling Stones are
preparing themselves to rock the heck out of China. The Stones had been
planning to play a series of dates in the country in 2003, but SARS put
pay to that. Now, though, Chinese promoter Emma Entertainment has made the
announcement that the band will finally be reaching Chinese shores in
April, claiming that Chinese fans will be able to witness:

"The Rolling Stones first-ever concert in China, do not miss it."

According to Emma Entertainment, tickets for the show – at the 8,000 capacity Shanghai Grand Stage – will cost between $38-$375.

Which is all well and good, but the China date isn’t to be seen
anywhere on The Rolling Stones website, and the band’s management
couldn’t immediately confirm anything at all. So don’t get too excited
just yet, Chinese fans of codger-rock.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]