The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Santas Ever

Celebrity Santas

We are but DAYS away from St. Nick sliding his way down your chimney (have you ever thought that actually, what Santa does is breaking and entering?) and like everyone else, celebrities are of course willing to dress up and impersonate the great man himself for your delectation.

But why would you want to do that? It seems strange that celebrities are willing to crush the dreams of children everywhere by saying that actually, Santa isn’t necessarily some fat dude at the North Pole. He can also be Katy Perry stretching her gamine limbs on stage at the Jingle Ball.

Not that I’m complaining. It gives me the ability to post the pictures here of various celebrities – whether naughtily dressed or nice – as good old Saint Nick.

Katy Perry

But sometimes the look that Katy Perry has – which is a good one, by the way – doesn’t always work out. Take, for example, a bunch of these people below. Mariah Carey doesn’t look great dressed as Santa. It’s not necessarily her fault, but you know…sometimes you have to think carefully about these sorts of things and how you look in them. She could’ve just worn a Santa hat on top of her usual clothes. We wouldn’t have complained. It’d have been fine.

mariah carey santa


Same thing with Kelly Osbourne. The Santa suit isn’t bad, per se, but the horns aren’t really a great addition to my mind. You don’t go non-canonical with Santa. It just doesn’t work.

kelly osbourne santa

So let’s move onto some celebrity Santa looks that do work. We’ve got a trifecta of stars dressed as Father Christmas below: Ceelo Green, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tyra Banks.

They look fierce, as Tyra would say.

Three celebrity Santas

Ceelo’s got the gut for Santa already, and Arnie has previous through his movie roles as Santa. Then you have Tyra Banks, who manages to rock the Mrs Claus look just as well as Katy Perry does. But honestly, all three of these people pale in comparison to the greatest celebrity Santa there ever has been. It was a long time ago, and you may well have forgotten about it. But I’m going to bring it crashing back into your mind, and once you’ve seen it you’re not going to be able to unsee it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

Mr T, dressed as Santa Claus, sitting on a throne, with Nancy Reagan, wife of the then-sitting President, on his knee.

Mr T and Nancy Reagan

Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!