Paul Walker’s Burnt Sunglasses Are Being Sold By Some Heartless Loser

Paul WalkerLadies and gentlemen, there’s a new unit of measurement for inappropriateness. Let me demonstrate – how tasteless do you find the following story, on a scale of one to ‘selling Paul Walker’s charred belongings’?

We’re born with two kidneys for a reason. So that if we ever find ourselves in desperate need for a lot of cash, we can sell one of them rather than say, auctioning off a pair of sunglasses that a famous actor was wearing at the time of the car crash that killed him. I don’t know if the seller believes in karma, but he or she ?is due to get by a truckload of it in the near future.

A pair of burned sunglasses, a fire extinguisher apparently used on the car, photos and pieces of debris from the crash went up for auction on a few days ago, but have since been taken down ‘until further notice’. Possibly because someone involved felt a strange ticking sensation in their chest cavity, and discovered that yes, there was a heart in there somewhere.

Paul Walker auction items

The seller – who wants to remain anonymous, surprise, surprise – claims to have stopped to help after witnessing the crash last November, and then plundered the scene for anything that wasn’t on fire once the police moved away. Aren’t there laws against that kind of thing?

Don’t worry though, because the items are offered ‘with the acknowledgement of Paul Walker?s immeasurable charitable contributions’. It’s nothing to do with where the money will go though, because the site claim a portion of the proceeds will go to one of the auction site’s charities dedicated to saving America’s mustangs, rather than one of Paul’s.

Just to clarify that’s Mustang as in horses, not cars. That would be the only way to make this story any more tasteless.

This isn’t the first time someone’s tried to profit off the Fast And Furious?star’s death, two guys were arrested for trying to steal pieces of the wrecked Porsche from the back of a flatbed truck that was towing it when it stopped at a red light.

Enjoy eternal damnation, motherfuckers. Hope it was worth it.