Nicole Kidman Came Perilously Close To Displaying Emotion Last Week

Nicole KidmanLegend tells us that if any wrinkles ever appear in Nicole Kidman’s forehead, it means that we’re in for six more weeks of winter.?

If that’s true then you might want to stock up on thermal undies and mulled wine because the Ice Queen is on the warpath. The object of her wrath is a guy called Carl Wu, who was apparently so dazzled by the sun bouncing off her marble face that he drove his bicycle straight into her. The poor guy almost lost his bandana.

Nicole was arriving back at her hotel after sitting front row at the Calvin Klein runway show – just your average day, then – when Wu decided that it would be a super awesome idea to ride his bike along the pavement, straight into a crowd of people, to try and get a photo of the actress.

Nicole Kidman on floor

Not surprisingly, it resulted in both Nicole and Wu getting up close and personal with the ground, and Jimmy Choos being scattered across New York.

Us common folk would flip the bird at the guy and stomp off on our way, but this is a Hollywood star so naturally both the police and paramedics were called to make sure that not a single hair on her head was out of place.

Nicole Kidman Knocked Over By Paparazzo On Bike

We all know that Nicole Kidman just isn’t rich enough, so she’s also now pressing charges against Wu, who is a paparazzo with a reputation for doing stupid reckless things in the name of celebrity gossip. Heckler Spray thanks you, sir. However, sources say he was apologizing profusely and swears that it was all an accident. Which makes sense really. I can barely ride a bike with both hands on the handlebars, let alone operate a camera.

Nicole Kidman falling over

He was ticketed for riding his bike on the street, and was also got in trouble with the law in 2010 when he got into a scuffle with Lady Gaga’s bodyguard whilst trying to get a photo of her in an underground parking lot. This lead to Gaga fans creating Tumblr called ‘Fuck You Carl Wu‘, because of course it did.

If you’re really interested, you can watch them both bite the dust?below.


  1. Josh says

    A few things: First, people have died because of bike accidents, so she has every right to be upset and pissed off. This wasn’t simply a biker, he was racing down a SIDEWALK (completely and totally illegal not to mention dangerous and reckless), but a paparazzo who was chasing after her. Second, if it had been reversed, and she was apologizing profusely, do you think he’d spare her the law suit? Paparazzi are dangerous, reckless, and completely stupid. This guy deserves to be sued to make a statement. I doubt she’d keep any of the money, anyway.