MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour: See Bands & Win Prizes

MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour Pull Tiger TailEver since as long as we can remember – OK, since the middle of last June – we've used our MySpace Trawl feature to crack open a band with a MySpace profile and write about what we find; but what if you wrote about some MySpace bands, and won stuff for it?

Well guess what? Now you can – to some extent – by going to see a show on the MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour. The MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour is made up of big indie breakthrough band Pull Tiger Tail, ketamine funk fiend Ali Love, 13,000-friended Hadouken! and I Say Marvin, who are Cornish – and it's set to start bombing around the country from this weekend. The MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour is good and you should go.

And if you do go to see the MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour, you have the chance to write your own reviews of the shows and win a bunch of goodies. We'd tell you more about the MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour – and give you the tour dates – but it'd be much easier if you just visited the Live In The UK MySpace page and sodding well did it yourselves.