Michael Jackson Jurors Selected In The Dr. Conrad Murray Moonwalking For Justice Trial

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, roll up for what promises to be the greatest court case spectacle that the world has ever seen!

In the UK, we only get hastily sketched drawings of court proceedings, sometimes making us think that cartoon characters actually carry out heinous crimes. But in America, good old fashioned family time can be spent watching an alleged murderer on TV! AMAZING!

We?re not sure if the court case brought against Dr. Conrad Murray will suffer a similar fate, but after endless delays and arguments, the trial is set to go ahead. No doubt it?ll drag on forever and the eventual outcome will be appealed, but for now, everything is running correctly. One of the most difficult tasks was the jury selection process and, after months of screening potential jurors, twelve have been selected. Are there any questionable doubts? Of course there are, stupid. It is a Michael Jackson trial after all.

Normally, a jury selection process is a piece of cake. In high profile cases like murder, the likelihood is that members of the jury will be called in from different cities around the country. Or if you live in America, from a different states. But in the ?Moonwalking For Justice Trial? where Dr.Conrad Murray has to convince everyone he didn?t let the singer do a boogie on the floor after his brain and heart were tripping out, this can be a little bit tricky.

How do you remain impartial to the death of a world famous musician who has not only been making records since the sixties, but has a money-sucking family exploiting his name after his death? It?s quite difficult, especially because Jackson died two years ago and multiple reports and opinions have been knocking around.

So who is on the jury then? It?s been reported that:

?The trial of Michael Jackson’s former doctor Dr Conrad Murray will face a jury of 12 people, it has emerged. It will feature, among others, a male who briefly met the singer when working at a Disney Theme Park in 1980, a bookseller, a school bus driver and a professor.?

Hold on a doggone second! A male who briefly met the singer at Disneyland?! It?s a given that Jackson regarded him as a nobody but we would’ve thought that any minimal contact or interaction with the person at the centre of the trial would be an issue.

If this was a life changing experience for the individual, then chances are his opinion on Dr. Conrad Murray will be a little biased. We assume they?ll see Murray as some kinda cold hearted evil murderer. After all, this is under the proviso that all his fans are missing a few screws. Jacksonites continually tell us that the king of pop touched a lot of peoples lives.

[insert child molestation court case joke here]

The only way that the ?Moonwalking For Justice? trial won?t go ahead as planned will be if Dr. Conrad Murray falls sick and can?t attend, which would be ironic. If news of this got out, we?re sure that a mentalist Michael Jackson fan impersonating a doctor would be on hand to administer some sort of wacko cocktail of drugs to Murray instead of making his headache go away.

Either way, let the circus begin!

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