Megan Fox Without Makeup

megan fox picture

The lovely, if perpetually sour-looking, Megan Fox, is just about to pop out her first baby with hubby Brian Austin Green. The first photo pre-dates the lovely actress?s pregnancy (at least the visible part ? it is possible there?s an itty bitty David Silver swimming around in there). Caught clean-faced with sandwich and coffee in hand, she looks aggravated. Perhaps she just emerged with her lunch only to discover that her car had been altered into a robot.

Or perhaps she found her handsome, if pathetic, husband chatting up Tori Spelling. It?s more than likely, however, that nothing had happened. That?s the look she always has on her face, in real life and in her movies. Luckily for her, Megan Fox without makeup is still stunning.

Megan Fox without makeup

In the next photo, taken in early 2011 at a Lakers game at the Staples Center, Megan is clearly trying to disguise her ridiculous good looks with librarian glasses. Or maybe she can?t get good seats anymore, since alienating most of Hollywood with her knuckle-headed comments, and needs the glasses to help her see from the nose-bleeds. Whatever the case may be, she is simply gorgeous, even without makeup.

Megan Fox without makeup

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