Lindsay Lohan Still Alive, Actually Made it to the ‘Tonight Show’ Interview

Lindsay Lohan Stood up Barbara WaltersRight off the heels of telling Barbara Walters to go fuck herself, Lindsay Lohan gathered herself together and stumbled her way onto The Tonight Show.

Jay Leno asked her a series of questions, mostly about her personal life, and Lindsay managed to bring us all the awkward moments we’ve come to expect from her, which is likely why she cancelled the 20/20 interview to begin with.

Last time Lindsay stopped by the show, she admitted “I made a lot of poor decisions in the past.”

Get out.

Leno asked Lohan about her cancelled Barbara Walters interview. Lindsay responded that, although she’s “a big fan” or Barbara Walters (lol), the timing just wasn’t right in her life right now. Totally understandable. She added that, when the time is right, Babs will be the first person she’ll sit down with.

The next morning, on The View, Walters responded: “I should live so long.”

Wearing a black half-dress, Lohan seemed as uncomfortable as usual, but managed to make her way through Leno’s hard-hitting questions. What were those questions, you ask? Well, one of them involved whether or not she remembered starring in a Jello commercial.

Okay, the interview did get a bit more interesting than that. At one point, Leno asked Lohan about her supposed half-sister–a teen girl who recently revealed she was fathered by the infamous Michael Lohan. ?I guess I could give her one word of advice,” Lohan said. “Good luck with my dad.?

Well, considering the fact that Michael has been denying this girl most of her life, I’m pretty sure that ship has sailed.

Lindsay Lohan on Jay Leno

From there, Leno asked her a series of questions about her life in the tabloids, cleverly morphing the interview into a bit that involved Photoshopped magazine covers of Lindsay with a fake baby bump. Take notes, Barbara.

Lohan suggests “it’s all good” between her and Walters, and she seemed happy to talk about her recent projects. Liz & Dick, for example, will soon be making its television premiere. What are the reviews so far? Well, here’s what one insider from FOX411 had to say:

?It?s just bad. Her voice ? she sounds like herself, a smoker from Long Island and there is no chemistry with her co-star (Grant Bowler) and she was clearly not prepared. There was no flair, no elegance.”
If you read between the lines, I think this person is trying to say that Lindsay may not have done the most stellar job. The cryptic review continued:
“Lindsay Lohan is spectacularly bad.”
Hmmm. Wonder what they’re trying to say.