Lindsay Lohan Has Possibly Reached A New Low

Lindsay Lohan OWN ShowLindsay Lohan has done a lot of terrible things like stealing people’s shit, ruining any progress the fake tanning community had made, and making that crap?titled?I Know Who Killed Me.? Add those things to her inability to be responsible or follow through on anything, and it’s all basically made her a joke of an actress.

Her reality show on OWN was supposed to change our opinion of her, but all it has really done is reinforce that we are all correct in thinking she is a total fucking waste.? And now in her final episode, she’s quite possibly gone from pathetic to horrible with one questionable confession.

OWN has already revealed that they won’t be renewing Lindsay Lohan’s show for another season, because even though Oprah has more money than most small countries combined, she is not in the habit of just throwing that shit away.? No one watched this crap (Well, except for me.? I had that shit on “reminder” mode on my DVR.? I love train wrecks.) since all it really was a bunch of pathetic people bending over backwards for a spoiled selfish brat who seemed to still think she was uber important.? Newsflash- paparazzi following you around does not make you relevant.? Paparazzi also follow around those Teen Mom skanks and Corey Feldman, so really their bar is set pretty low.

So last night during the finale, Lindsay tried to save some face and?prove that no matter what all the cameras showed you, she’s not a total asshole.? When she started talking about her inability to ever show up on time for shoots, or to stick AT ALL to the filming?schedule, Lohan once again turned to her go to phrase of “it’s not my fault!”? by saying she was MIA for two weeks because she had a miscarriage.

?No one knows this and we can finish after this, I had a miscarriage for those two weeks I took off. It?s a very long story. That?s why on the show when it says, ?she doesn?t want to come down, she doesn?t want to come down,? I couldn?t move. I was sick and mentally that messes with you. And watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment and I can relate to that girl, which sounds kind of crazy. But, I?m like, ?Oh my God, this is really sad, who?s helping her?? No one knows what?s going on in my head at every second, because I?m constantly thinking. My mind does not shut off. The only time it does is when I start doing meditation or when I put music on my headphones. There?s a lot going on in my life then.?

Now, miscarriages are super fucking sad.? They’re not something to joke about, and it takes a really shitty type of person to do this.? So no one wants to believe that Lohan would use such a heartbreaking event to garner some sympathy and remove blame from herself, but then we all remember that this is Lindsay Lohan we are talking about.? And if we have learned anything from the wasted hours of her documentary series, it is that Lindsay has the complete inability to take and responsibility for her own actions and lives in a fucking narcissistic bubble with her rose colored glasses.

Also causing a lot of people to raise an eyebrow to this confession is the fact that this last part of the finale was taped after the show started airing and stinking up the ratings.? So as fucked up as it would be, it wouldn’t really be all that surprising if Lindsay decided to reach so far down low to try and drum up some support for her.?? I really hope she isn’t lying, and I hope she’s getting the help she needs to deal with the trauma.? But if it comes out that she did this for pure stunt, I hope she gets the proverbial bitch slap she deserves (and literal).

Lohan also did not name the father, although if we go based off her leaked fuck list, it is probably safe to say it’s not any of the hotties from there since Lindsay wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to get that kind of attention for herself.

Immediately after the finale aired, Dina Lohan tweeted this:

Dina Lohan Twitter

Because of course she did.