20 Leighton Meester Nude Photos That Are Rather Kinky [NSFW]

blake lively nudesLeaked in June 2009, these nude photos of Leighton Meester are real. And would you believe it? There may be even a sex tape out there.

In the realm of leaked celebrity nudes, these dimly lit photos aren’t every exciting but they do seem real enough. They show Leighton having sex with someone, presumably her boyfriend. She apparently likes to be on top and is alleging giving a kinky footjob in some of the photos (can you spot it?).

In a subsequent magazine interview, Leighton talks about the sex tape:

?(The tape) is not real, so it makes me sort of sad. It?s unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did. I definitely understand the nature of people better now and that the mere allegation of something like that could be headline news. People think it?s real because somebody says it is.?

Either the sex tape is real but carefully guarded by Meester and her lawyers or its a complete fake. But Leighton has never denied that the pictures were not her, even going as far to mention that she might not be 18 years old in them. Is that supposed to turn us off?

While they aren’t as explicit as the infamous Blake Lively nudes, we think you’ll enjoy Leighton in all her glory.

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