Lady Gaga Is Throwing Twitter Shade At Katy Perry

SLady Gaga vs Katy Perryo Lady Gaga is apparently pissed off that someone else could be possibly biting off her act. Because she has copyrighted all things weird, odd, and totally fucking ridiculous, and never ever totally stole her shtick from Madonna.

News flash Gaga= the music industry is chock full of people copying the shit out of each other. And for a woman who released a song that brought all of us 80s kids right back to the cone bra “Express Yourself” days, this is a whole lot of pot and kettle meeting.

Katy Perry kicked off her latest tour in Ireland, and because everyone not from Ireland only associates the Irish with the color green, bitch debuted a nice St. Patty’s day approved shamrock colored do. She also trotted out on a big gaudy golden stallion, because why the hell not? Well, when Lady Gaga saw photos from the tour she got her meat stitched panties all in a bunch because God damnit, being a fucking over the top weirdo is HER THING!

Who really wants to take credit for terribly dyed hair? If anything, I am pretty sure Troll Dolls really are the ones who started this shit.

Barely anything is original and new in the music industry anymore. Shit, not even just music. Have you seen how many remakes and spin offs movies and television shows there are now? Eventually, the majority just runs out of new ideas and so a lot of crap gets slightly altered and remarketed as “new.” People use the term “inspired by” though instead of “blatantly stole” because being sued is a bitch.

So for Lady Gaga to think she created the niche for odd all by her little self is fucking hypocritical. This bitch is a watered down version of Madonna, and even the gays know it deep down in their glittery hearts. See exhibits A

Lady Gaga Madonna Black Jacket


Lady Gaga and Madonna

And C.

Lady Gaga Madonna Ponytail

But yes Gaga, let’s throw a shit fit because someone else rode a Trojan horse.

However, Katy DID apparently spit up a little green paint in a video montage during the show. After the whole “Yay Bulimia!” shit from SXSW, I will at least concede with Gaga that that was probably a rip off. A gross one at that, but a rip off.