Avert Your Eyes: Kris Jenner’s Nip Slip is an Ugly Sight

kris jenner photoKris Jenner, the?ever-tasteful matriarch of the Kardashian horror show,?tweeted a photograph of herself with her disgusting,?old lady?nipples sticking out.

Because of her advanced age, you?might at first think you’re looking at?liver spots, but no. They’re nipples. The nipples of a?proud mother of six and?grandmother of two. In Kris’ defense, she did just have her knockers surgically jacked up, so clearly she wanted to flaunt her new set. And … in an interesting twist … broadcasting her nipples was actually the classy part.

Kris Jenner's Tits

In the photo, Jenner is wearing an extremely age-appropriate Wonder Woman costume, complete with great big star-spangled bloomers. From the boudoir look in her eyes, she appears to think she looks pretty hot.

Who knows? Maybe her husband,?former Olympic decathlete and current pussy-whipped cuckold,?Bruce Jenner, likes to relive his glory days by pretending to nail a superhero.

While this is the first time I can recall?seeing Kris’ actual nipples, it’s hardly the first time that she’s done something tacky. The first and most obvious example is the?simple fact that she has a reality show, several reality shows in fact,?in which she over-shares her life and her children’s lives with the entire world. By so doing, she earns shit-loads of money but denies her loved ones any basic dignity.

Second, Kris supposedly acted as the middleman in the sale and distribution of?her daughter Kim’s famous sex tape. This is not necessarily true, but it’s a good story and not implausible given her other tawdry ventures.

I could continue on and on, but I’ll stop after just one more?…. On?television, Kris encouraged her daughter Khloe to have?a DNA test because she was screwing another man when she became pregnant with her. ?Frankly, the mere fact that she had an extra-marital affair is enough of a character assessment for me, but that she is vulgar enough to allow this painful news to be broadcast as a story line for her family’s show is pretty remarkable.

Nip slips and Wonder Woman costumes, sombreros and sex tapes … Kris Jenner can always be counted on to?set a great example, with understated elegance and unmatched dignity.

Kris Jenner's cleavage twitpic