Ke$ha Without Makeup

Ke$ha Looking Good

?With two number one singles, multiple top-ten hits, and a new album set to be released later this year, singer and songwriter, Ke$ha has built a solid reputation?for herself as a true blue, all-around filthy whore.

She describes herself as?”the dirty little sister of pop music,” and given how marvelously sleazy she is, it?s shocking to see how beautiful Ke$ha without makeup looks.

Ke$ha without makeup

Posing clean-faced for Glamour magazine?s March 2012 issue, the pop star,?actually looks so pretty and clean that?s difficult to recognize her. Stripped of the outrageous, glitter-heavy, hooker-meets-clown makeup that she?s known for, she?s not bad at all. She does have a vaguely feral glint in her eye, but overall she looks sexy and just a tiny bit seedy. That pose does make me worry that a crab or some other venereal parasite going to leap out though.

In the second photo, taken when she was just 21 years old, she looks young and fresh-faced, like she?s actually showered recently. And I like the wavy hair. She?s a very pretty girl. Her parents must be so very proud.

Ke$ha Without Makeup


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