Kanye West Punched Someone Who Kind Of Deserved It

KanyeWestHearing that Kanye West got all rage-y and punched someone in the face is not surprising.? Hearing that West felt disrespected and that baby mama Kim Kardashian was involved also is nothing new.

Learning that the guy was apparently a total dick who actually deserved getting his eye swollen shut, however, blows the mind a little.? Maybe Kanye is maturing a little bit in 2014 after all.

Kanye West likes to get violent, especially towards paparazzi and those he feels disrespects him by not referring to him as Jesus Jackson, the King of EVERYTHING.?? Currently, he is facing assault charges for fighting a pap at LAX, so he supposed to be on his best behavior.? But just Chris Brown, West just can’t stay quiet too long.

While on her way to some medical appointment (Most likely Botox), Kim Kardashian ran into some 18 year old man child who decided to appear like a gentleman at first, holding the door for her.? But then he started throwing all sorts of curses at the swarm of paparazzi outside the office, calling them both the f-word and n-word simultaneously (Side note- while I have the mouth of a sailor who moonlights as a trucker, the buck stops for me with those two words.? Everything else is basically fair game though because I am?classy like that).? Kim decided to reprimand the guy and tell him that he shouldn’t be using the n-word?(I will let it slide that she didn’t take issue with the other one too…this time), which made the guy lose his shit and start going in on Kim.

The rand-o started threatening Kardashian, allegedly threatening to kill her and called her a slut.? Kim then called up West, who was on his way, and that’s when the guy started going in on Kanye.? He started yelling that Kim was a “N***** lover” and repeatedly calling West one as well.? Kanye then hustled his ass to the building, and the two found the angry man child inside of a chiropractor’s office.? After a confrontation between the two, it ended with West’s fist meeting rand-o’s face.

Wow. I am not one to promote violence, but I do have to say this is one case where I can sort of see why Kanye lost his shit.? This wasn’t just some guy with a camera who dared to do his job and take photographs of a celebrity that West decided to target.? This guy threatened his girl’s life and said the one thing you should never really say to a black guy without expecting that your ass will get whooped.? Supposedly the guy is going to file an assault report on West, which could mean serious trouble for the guy since his upcoming assault case wants to use his other outbursts as evidence that West has got a bad case of the angries.? Kardashian also plans to file charges against the guy for threatening her.

Something about the whole situation seems off to me though.? First, there is video of this guy just standing around the office, yelling things at the paps.? Secondly, after flying off the fucking handle, WHY would he stick around?? Is he some sort of masochist who likes getting his ass beat? It’s not he target Justin Bieber, where you know the kid is all talk and no action.? Kanye will knock a dude, and quite possibly a lady if pushed enough, out.? Either the guy is off his rockers or he specifically was looking for a little fame and a payday.? I am going with door number 2, Johnny!