Justin Bieber’s New Neighbors Already Hate Him

Justin Bieber Whole FoodsJustin Bieber is really pushing hard to steal the title of “Worst Neighbor Ever” from the Kardashians.? He has gone from one home where he decided to reenact Homecoming Weekend 1991 on his neighbor’s $10,000 stone work, to?a new apartment where he is just as quickly pissing everyone around him off.?

This weekend alone, he had a party chock full of leeches and trampy groupies on the rooftop of his apartment building that was so obnoxious and loud, the cops were called six times on him.? For a guy on probation, Bieber really likes to push his luck.

So Justin Bieber has recently moved from his mansion to a Beverly Hills condo, because it?makes tons of sense for a guy who has no sense of respect for other people to relocate to a property where there is even less privacy between himself and neighbors.? And though he has only been there a month, the cops already have been to his place about as many times as the Dominos guy.? Which, for a group of stoners such as Justin and his posse, means a shit ton of visits.

This weekend, Bieber decided to treat all of his lackies and hanger ons to a?two day long party.?? Of course, since Justin is an overgrown toddler hopped up on ‘roids and sizzurp, he trashed everything, got his neighbors contact high, and totally ignored all maximum occupancy laws.? The cops were called out six times, but left each time without Bieber in handcuffs because Justin promised to turn down the music and stop being such a dick.? Now, I am not a police officer, but after the third or fourth call out, wouldn’t it be time to say, “Okay, this kid is obviously NOT going to stop being a douchebag” and just arrest him?? Especially when said douchebag is on a brand spanking new two year probation?

But sadly it didn’t happen.?? When the neighbors complained about all the illegal shit going down, the police said that since they didn’t see anything in progress, they couldn’t do anything about it.? However, they did give the neighbors the right to make a citizen’s arrest if they caught Justin toking on a bowl while drinking codeine and grape soda.? Can you imagine how that would go down?? I picture Justin starting to scream for his mommy, er bodyguards, to come save him, and only after he was perfectly safe would he get all big and bad and act like a tough ass.

Neighbors took some photographs of the mess Bieber left on the rooftop lounge they all pay way too much for access to to have to deal with in such a state.

Justin Bieber-Party-Aftermath

Meh, I have seen worse next day damage the morning after 8th grade proms.? But because it’s Justin Bieber, he should be arrested, tarred, feathered, and thrown in the clinker.