Jessica Gomes Without Makeup

Jessica Gomes Looking Good

Earlier this year,?it was confirmed that?the sexy?voice speaking the famous tagline intro to rapper Rick Ross’ “Maybach Music” is 27-year old Australian model, Jessica?Gomes.?Now fans who were fantasizing about the Maybach Music girl’s sexy voice, can enhance their pleasure by grabbing a magazine to check out some photos of her?with their free hand.

Jessica has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue every year?since 2008 and was voted the “world’s hottest swimsuit model” by Maxim in 2011.?Jessica’s exotic?look, which sets her apart from?those other Australian hags, like Miranda Kerr and Elle MacPherson,?stems from her Portugese father and Chinese mother.

Her beauty is very natural, and it’s not surprise that Jessica Gomes without makeup looks phenomenally beautiful.

Jessica Gomes Without Makeup

In the first photo of Jessica without makeup, she looks extremely beautiful. She has amazing cheekbones and her natural complexion is gorgeous. I am at a loss to come up with even a slight criticism.

In the next photo, while she looks very serious, her freckles are very cute. She’s truly stunning.

Jessica Gomes Without Makeup

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