Jenna Jameson Without Makeup

Dubbed the, “Queen of Porn”, the sumptuous Jenna Jameson is, perhaps, the most recognizable face in the adult entertainment industry.

Having started out as a porn actress , Jenna eventually screwed her way to the top and built a multi-million dollar empire. Her company, ClubJenna, produces films and manages a large number of adult websites. Ka-ching!

Having only seen the Queen of Porn covered with an excess of lipstick and eyeshadow, one has to wonder what she would look like stripped down. What lies beneath that inch-thick layer of foundation? What does Jenna Jameson look like without makeup on?

Jenna Without Makeup

Wow. Without makeup, Jenna goes from bombshell to hometown girl in seconds. It’s like she’s two different people. You really have to look back and forth between the two photos to make sure this is the same person. The over-plucked eyebrows are the only indicator that this is, in fact, the same woman.

You would expect that without makeup, Jenna Jameson would look frightening, considering how much she wears. However, underneath it all, lies a regular, attractive woman. It’s almost as if she is painting over a masterpiece. Would you paint over Starry Night or let your child finger-paint over the Mona Lisa? Why cover up, cheapen, and destroy something that’s already beautiful? “Because blue eye shadow let’s everyone know I’m a CLASSY whore.”

Jenna No makeup

This is the kind of photo I expected to see. It’s unflattering and makes Jenna look like a biker’s old lady; the kind of old lady that will have a really raspy voice in a few years, because she’s been smoking since the 80’s.

Again, the one thing that makes her recognizable in this photo are those horrible, arched, over-plucked eyebrows. Who told her it was ok to have a thin, mostly drawn-on line as an eyebrow? Jenna, put down the tweezers and step away from the mirror!

Depending on your preference, there is clearly a little Jenna for everyone: those who like porn sexpots, those who love the girl next door, and the people who live for rough looking Harley ho’s.

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  1. Oh no no no no no, buddy. says

    Oh GOD!! Whew that Playboy only wants her body for take nude photos.
    You’ve broken sexy dreams of some people, dude. Don’t hesitate that.
    I’m gonna sure leave this page.

  2. SKBN113 says

    How does the devil take someone so beautiful and
    turn her into a sex worker?

    Very slowly.

    One step down at a time.

    Deeper and deeper into depravity until
    she is stunning on the outside, filth on the inside.

    Crying shame.

    (I would love to see what God had planned for her life
    and what she has missed out on….)

    PS………..there is still time for her to turn her life back around.

  3. KH says

    WOW…I think she is completely stunning in the first no make up pic. Her eyes are absolutely beautiful when not damped by all the makeup. She looks classy and sweet and it’s a shame she is depicted the way she is now and feels the need to cover up her true beauty.

  4. dds says

    you’re a fucking retard. she has more money than you and doesn’t rely on false tales of god. dumby

  5. Chris says

    She’s very pretty without makeup. Surprising considering she’s been smoking for so long.

  6. jimbo says

    SHE IS STILL VERY BEAUTIFULL,CLASS ACT ALL THE WAY!!!!GO Jen if I was told I could have 1 date with any women,i would definetly chose JENNA!!!!

  7. Russ says

    playboy never wanted her.

    she was into HARD CORE porn. playboy is the pbs of porn.

  8. Russ says

    You dare call someone a retard, yet you can’t spell dummy.

    Good for you, dip shit.

  9. Jody says

    I’m still waiting for a picture with “NO” make-up. She’s clearly wearing make-up in all three of these.

  10. Jomo says

    She is most definitely wearing makeup in the ”no makeup pic”. Light, dewy foundation, natural blush, mascara, and gloss. At least.

  11. joshie says

    Em Class act!!!?!?! lol you must be an idiot who cannot get a girl that you would die to go out with a whore. desperate much

  12. Kansy says

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Has it ever occurred to you that the porn industry is just another industry like any other? I make fantastic macrame and when I sell it, no one claims the devil got me. That woman gives a fantastic blowjob, and I don’t hate her one bit for selling it.

    How dare you sit around and judge how someone has chosen to live their life? You called her filth. You have no right to speak to or about anyone like that. I’m sorry you equate sexuality with depravity. It makes me wonder about what all YOU have missed out on.

    Grow. A. Brain.

  13. EL says

    I wish all these celebrities would stop the bs about taking no-makeup pictures to “prove something”. She definitely has mascara on and no one’s lips are naturally orange tinted.

  14. Didi says

    I don’t think anyone is in the position to judge, and you should definitely not be quoting form the bible as if you knew your bible you would also know ..”judge not least thee be judged.” I’m sure she chose her path and she lives with it everyday same as we all do. she is pretty with or without make up.

  15. MzCoffie says

    Don’t be so hard on SKBN113; I don’t think the comment was meant to be judgmental. I believe that those who follow God’s word in the Bible would agree that He would not choose that career path for His children. There’s nothing wrong in stating that and wondering how she could have been used for His purpose. Everyone has their own opinion and that was not a negative one.
    I think she looks beautiful w/o the heavy make up.

  16. Tina says

    Jesus Christ asked, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?” – Matthew 16:26. I’d pay attention to the Bible, Word of God if I were you. Money isn’t everything!

  17. midge says

    look at all the bible thumpers getting angry lmao…..I think I might just reafd some bible verses later while getting some head,smoking a blunt,and watching a dvd of jenna …see yas

  18. Metalhead says

    To those of you quoting the Bible and talking about God’s will for her, please stop your preaching – it is judgemental regardless of how much you deny that it is. You are effectively saying “I devoted my life to obeying the voices in my head, so I’m a moral person. She hasn’t obeyed the voices in my head, so she is a poor, lost soul” to which many of us, quite justifiably, say “fuck you and fuck your sky-god”. Us normal folk don’t go around talking about God’s will for people and/or things for the same reason we, and you, don’t talk about the Colossal Unicorn of Southern Tanzania’s will for people and/or things.

  19. typ says

    And what exactly do you know about her soul? Only what you expect from your own ideals and believes. And you project them on others, judging them. Not very christian…

  20. r7b says

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! That is a horrible looking women. She isnt too good with make up , just fake and over done.

  21. Alex says

    She looks better with makeup, smoking is nasty though. Stinky breath and stinky smell. I cannot stand to be around smokers because they smell so dirty like alley people who eat garbage. They are weak and controlled by a drug that smells like they have a real life dirty monkey hanging on them and they have to feed that monkey. I read that this girl is psychotic and gets off on making her babies daddy cry. Very sad though but she is pretty with makeup minus the monkey ears.

  22. Allisyn says

    I’m a woman, and I would pay lot’s of money to go out with her. In her book, she wrote that she loves to have sex with women.

  23. Sara says

    Just hard to understand when someone got blessed with a beauty (f/m) but they use their gift for a ‘nasty’ thing

  24. anangel says

    Funny thing about the supposed “non make-up” picture is: She’s wearing makeup, lol!! Not on her face, but definitely lipstick or gloss & mascara, I’m a makeup artist & can tell right away, she doesn’t look like she’s wearing the heavy foundation she usually wears cause you can see her freckles on her nose, still cure in my opinion ????

  25. Metalhead says

    Sara, that “nasty” thing is precisely what created you. Just because she was paid to be recorded in the act of it, doesn’t make it any more nasty. She had a curious attitude to it and explored it more than most ever will, and she chose to. You won’t explore it anywhere near as much and you’ll always be too afraid and reserved to, but that doesn’t make you anymore “right” than her.

  26. Vanessa says

    Why is the person who wrote this story hatin on her eyebrows so much? They look good bitch. Ok when she has all her make up on, they look fake as hell, but her real eyebrows are fine. I bet the author is rockin a uni-brow.

  27. michael says

    lol i love how people speak for other people, try turning the magnifying glass inward. you dont want to? Thats why your focusing on jenna. so funny you blame the devil, it makes me laugh. its exactly how nothing YOU want changed ever changes. its called finger pointing its been done since the beginning of civilized people, thousands of years before your religion was birthed. Guess what other people have other opinions, she lives in the USA and therefore has the right to be herself if she wishes just like u and i get to have opposing views as well. ^_^ Love and happiness for everyone else starts from within, i dont see compassion in your devil labeling. do YOU see the hipocracy? probably not…. SAD. and to the guy who picked on DDS, how do you know its not a slang word? dumby like dumbo :) Maybe he is inferring he has big ears? lol. i have to say those who push beliefs on others are the ones who need the saving! Believe what you want, but isnt it time to move up from the spanish inquisition, the convert or die, its now your soul is damned to hell or the devil this or that. lol, people are people!

  28. Skeezits says

    @ SKBN113 & Tina – what on earth made you click on this link in the first place? Curiosity? Envy? “The Devil made me do it”? To spread the word, maybe? Well, no matter, it really isn’t all that important. What is important is that you people and all people realize that pages like this are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I clicked on this link because I was curious. Jenna is a beautiful woman, with our without make up. Envious? Naw, I have my own beauty just like every other creature on this planet. The devil? I suppose if you’re into all of that, however, I am not. And the only word that I’d like to spread is simply this: For your own sake and happiness, stop worrying and judging others. To judge what another person is doing, saying, thinking isn’t really your place. If you don’t like it, that’s your issue, not theirs.

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