Jasmine Villegas Without Makeup

Jasmine Villegas Looking Good

Pop singer Jasmine Villegas is just 18 years old and has not yet released her first?studio album, but somehow still boasts over 1 million Twitter followers, putting her behind Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga. She’s pretty; she’s appeared in lots of music videos and sung the Star-Spangled Banner before lots of boxing matches; she even starred as Justin Bieber’s somewhat humorless love interest in the music video for the song “Baby.”

While these are all wonderful resume items for an aspiring pop star … and perhaps I’m missing something … it’s unclear to me how they magically work together to put her in league with Oprah and Gaga. In any case, she does have a very natural, almost exotic beauty, and Jasmine Villegas without makeup looks very young and lovely.

Jasmine Villegas Without Makeup

The first photo?of Jasmine without makeup is very cute. She’s very young in the?photo?and she’s extremely pretty in a youthful and sweet way,?with great skin and beautiful features. The completely vacant look in her eyes?worries me a bit though. What worries me even more is the hint of a mustache.

I wonder what the hell she’s doing in the next photo.?Is she throwing up? Is she searching for a lost earring? Is she giving a BJ? The possibilities are endless. What makes these endless possibilities a bit troubling is that she?looks extremely young. Her eyes are gorgeous, but again, the suggestion of a mustache is still there.

Jasmine Villegas Without Makeup

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