Jared Leto In Drag Might Make You Rethink Your Sexuality

jared-leto-drag-candy (1) resizedThey say that only a man who is completely secure with his masculinity can wear pink. On that basis, Jared Leto’s latest photoshoot may see him crowned as the Butchest Man In The Universe 2013.?

Starring on the cover of Candy magazine and looking a little bit like a cracked out Katy Perry tribute act, he’ll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about yourself or your money back.

It was shot by world-renowned photographer ?Terry Richardson, apparently the only photographer that has the genius to place someone in front of a blank white wall and hike up the contrast. ?At least he isn’t wearing some wide-framed glasses and doing a thumbs up.

jared leto drag blonde

Jared’s having another go at the whole ‘acting’ thing, playing a transexual woman in the Dallas Buyers Club and apparently enjoying it a whole bunch. If the name of the film sounds familiar, it’s the one that Matthew McConaughey turned himself into a walking skeleton for in order to play a guy suffering from AIDS.

Jared also dropped what looks like most of his bodyweight for the role, and told Vulture magazine a few months ago that he started waxing his legs and plucking his eyebrows to get into the mindset. That’s dedication, most women don’t even bother with all of that.

jared leto and terry richardson

If you stare at his rib cage long enough, you can see a face in it. Candy describes itself as the ‘first transversal style magazine’ and has also featured James Franco in drag, although he didn’t look nearly as terrifying as Jared manages to in the shots posted on Terry Richardson’s Tumblr.

Jared Leto Drag

Is it just me, or does he look like he could be Anjelica Huston’s younger, glitzier sister? Someone also might want to tell him that plucking your eyebrows doesn’t necessarily mean plucking them off. If you’re going to spend ages getting your winged eyeliner right, you might as well take a few minutes to draw in some eyebrows, just so you don’t look like a billiard ball in a wig. Still, not bad for somebody that, not too long ago, looked like this…

jared leto