James Franco Takes Criticism Really Well

James Franco CigaretteOh poor James Franco.? Life is just sooooo hard for him.? Trying to be both the token funny stoner and taken seriously as an actor at the same time is like, totally rough.? And people just don’t give him the credit he so rightfully deserves.

Franco is currently on Broadway and is pissed off that everyone isn’t bowing at his feet to tell him how awesome he is.? And in true New Yorker fashion, he’s calling out a reviewer who is too stupid to see the awesomeness that is James Franco.

James Franco has been trying damn hard to do it all, and in his mind he is not only is he succeeding, but he is fucking awesome at everything.? But he’s kind of more of a jack of all trade and a master of none.? Or at least that is what some (most) people think.? In between making a total hysterical mockery of Kimye with Seth Rogen, Franco has gotten a part in a Broadway play.? He is starring in a revamped Of Mice and Men, and must think he is killing the role because he is totally ticked off that there are reviewers out there who aren’t declaring James a winner of multiple future Tony awards.

Ben Bantley of the New York Times didn’t even actually write that terrible of a review. He didn’t like it, but he definitely wasn’t a huge dick about it.? Some of what he said includes:

“Though he sports a Yosemite Sam accent, Mr. Franco is often understated to the point of near invisibility.”

“Though Mr. Franco musters a single, perfect tear for the play?s tragic climax, I only came close to shedding one. That was in the first act, when a dog (a real one) is led offstage to be shot because it stinks. That dog seemed to have true fear and bewilderment in its eyes. It felt, well, human, in a way none of the people did, and my heart sank when I knew it wouldn?t be coming back.”

And in return for not liking Franco’s patchouli scented balls, Bentley became the lucky recipient of Franco’s very own Alec Baldwin impression, courtesy of Instagram.

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A “Little bitch?”? Really Franco?? That’s the best you could come up with your multiple bullshit degrees you’ve gotten sleeping in class?? Also, and maybe this is a sign of the lack of high brow in my soul, but Gawker is kind of fucking awesome.? So, poo on you James.