Ice Cube Is A Cold Hearted Bitch

Ice CubeAt one point in history, Ice Cube was a scary ass gangsta rapper who would probably shoot you in the face if you looked at him the wrong way.? Now though, he stars in movies?that involve him getting in whacky antics with children on long car rides and crap.? It’s a major step down in the toughness department.

Maybe this explains?why Ice felt the need to be such a dick and take the MTV Movie Awards way too seriously this past weekend.? But I gotta say, puffing up your chest about?losing an award from?a show where the highlight was Zac Efron taking his shirt off doesn’t?exactly scream “hard” to me.

So I didn’t even realize the MTV Movie Awards were still a thing, let alone that people still cared so much about it.? Ice Cube is one of those people still stuck a bit in 2000, and made it known he really wanted to win “Best Screen Duo” with Kevin Hart for their movie Ride Along.?He sent out this Tweet while on his way to the show-

Aren’t all award shows fixed?? Shit, I think even anything entitled “People’s/Fan’s/Internet Troll Favorite” is still predetermined by some old white dude in a suit.

Anywho, since Ice didn’t get the memo that its 99% a guarantee that if an actor dies, they posthumously win all the awards they are nominated for,?he was really hoping for?a golden statue of stale ass theater popcorn for his mansion. And when that not shockingly didn’t happen for him and the award went to the late Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, he got pissed off.? He left and quickly started bitching to USA TODAY, who oh so nicely filled us in on what he had to say.

We was robbed.? Shame on you MTV. We had the best chemistry of everybody nominated, for us not to win was crazy. We were the best onscreen duo, period.

When it was pointed out that maaaaaybe he legitimately just lost to Walker, Ice Cube called bullshit and said it was obviously a sympathy vote because homeboy is now rocking with Jesus.

They should have gave it to him before he passed away.

As to why Ice left early, there were conflicting reports as to why.? Some say it was because his tightie whities were so firmly stuck up his ass that it was unbearable.? Others say it was so he could watch the Laker’s game at home.? Ice himself claims it was because the shit he was there for was no longer going to be on television, so why waste precious hours of his life having to watch? fellow C-listers get drunk and pretend to care?

Of course, after this went public a bunch of people took the internet to really give Cube a piece of their mind and let him know how cold his soul really is. Then the backtracking began.

So I guess Ice is saying his words were misconstrued?? Or that it was a joke?? For something to be a joke, shouldn’t it be funny somehow?? Either way, this brought Ice Cube absolutely no street cred back.? At this point, I am pretty sure he and Ice T are just a few years shy of costarring on some shitty show on Lifetime or Oxygen about former thugs who now work in a cupcake shop.