Eurovision Betting Odds – Sweden & Switzerland

Eurovision Betting Odds SwedenYou know what Sunday is, don't you? Eurovision Song Contest Day, that's what. And we've still got the pressing issues of some Eurovision betting odds to crack on with.

Anyone going to Athens to see the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend has several sightseeing opportunities to mull over, from the Acropolis to… um… still, though, we hear the Acropolis is very nice.

Here are the latest Eurovision betting odds for Sweden and Switzerland, with help from

Sweden (pop. 9,006,405; a Nordic country in Scandinavia)Carola, Invincible. Eurovision buffs will recognise Carola from the 1983 Song Contest. Carola is a Swedish megastar, with a Bee Gees-produced album behind her and a voice like a blast furnace – something which we'd imagine would be pretty dangerous for anyone sitting in the first few rows of her concerts. Carole's big Eurovision comeback is Invincible, an anthem for strong women everywhere: "Never gonna run away/ I’m not gonna hide/ I know just what I feel inside." If Carole really is a human blast furnace, the thing she feels inside is most likely a slag notch. Current Eurovision betting odds – 8/1

Switzerland (pop. 7,993,100, a landlocked federal state in Europe) Six4One, If We All Give A Little. Last year, Switzerland were represented by Vanilla Ninja, who we still love deeply and disturbingly. So we're eyeing up Six4One – this year's Swiss Eurovision hopefuls – in the same way you'd eye up an old girlfriend's new lover. Six4One are six solo singers coming together for just one song. Their song, If We All Give A Little, reinforces the communal sentiments of the group: "If we all give a little/ we can dry a million tears," they sing. We'll give our opinion on it when we stop puking so violently. Current Eurovision betting odds – 20/1

We’ll be listing all the other Eurovision entries in the run-up to the contest. If you can’t wait, check out the Novelties section of Paddypower to see all the latest Eurovision betting odds. Don't forget that Paddypower give you a free £10 bet when you open an account with them. Good luck!

[story by Stuart Heritage]