Drunk Danny DeVito is More Entertaining as a Person Than an Actor

Danny DeVito DrunkHave you ever seen Danny DeVito’s drunken morning interview with a Philadelphia news station? It might be more entertaining than any role he’s taken on.

Danny DeVito is a great comedic actor, proving his chops on It’s Always Sunny, but real-life Danny DeVito may be even more amusing.

When I first began writing this, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find enough evidence to support the claim that Danny DeVito has made a name for himself as a drunken interviewee. Let’s just say, there was no reason for concern.

For example, there was this interview on The View. DeVito showed up hungover after a night of heavy drinking with George Clooney:

And keep in mind–this was the Rosie O’Donnell era of The View. A hangover and Rosie O’Donnell? Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

In the interview, DeVito slurs through a conversation that’s vaguely about politics and then manages to fit in a nude anecdote before hugging Joy Behar. DeVito then discusses his sexual escapades with then-wife Rhea Perlman in the Lincoln Bedroom:

“Every place in that bedroom was?utilized.”

Take a moment for the visual?

Danny DeVito is the man

Maybe it’s just me, but I could watch Danny DeVito talk about anything for hours. His alcohol-fueled rants are mesmerizing. Even listening to him explain the plot line for Deck the Halls is entertaining. He also almost pukes while he’s promoting the movie?a publicist’s nightmare, but our entertainment gold.

But even better than The View interview was Danny’s interview with a morning news station. Fox TV stopped by the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to chat with DeVito, who was already seemingly drunk quite early in the morning. It was about 8 a.m.

DeVito flirted with reporter Jenn Frederick, saying her skirt had “easy access.” Upon hearing that she had recently given birth to her daughter, DeVito asks the reporter:

“Was she cute coming out? Did you get a picture of the legs and everything?”

DeVito is so amusing, in fact, that Jenn Frederick found his hammered creepiness downright adorable. And why wouldn’t she? Drunk Danny DeVito is the best.

DeVito then burps on live television, before being scolded by his costars. “Oh come on, they know it’s not real beer,” Danny says in the interview. Rob McElhenney responds: “It smells like real beer.”

Of course, the interview went viral, and even though his drunkenness endeared him to many, DeVito denied he was sloshed.

“I was only trying to make a TV interview fun. In the scene the TV people were covering, my character was drinking (pretend beer).?When you see the scene on the show?and buy the DVD!?you will understand. It?s called acting.”

Don’t be defensive, Danny. We love you in all your wasted glory.

Meanwhile, in the best news of the year, DeVito is set to reprise his role as Vincent Benedict in a sequel to Twins, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also starring Eddie Murphy, the movie is titled Triplets.

If it doesn’t already sound great as it is, I’m hoping the movie means we’ll have a few more drunk Danny DeVito interviews to look forward to.