Does Gwyneth Have Another Apple In The Oven?

Gwyneth_paltrow_Gwyneth Paltrow, the macrobiotic Britain-hating whining rockstar’s wife, might be again. Then again, she might not.

Gwyneth has yet to confirm of deny the pregnancy claims – but according to Gwyneth’s mother Blythe Danner, she’s already got a little baby growing inside her tum-tum.

Gwyneth Paltrow (DVDs) already has a 16-month-old baby – Apple – with her
husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin. And if rumours are to be
believed, she’s with another one. They’ll be fools if they
don’t call it Pears, we tell you.

But back to the pregnancy rumours – it all started when Blythe
Danner was at a media awards ceremony in Los Angeles. A reporter asked
her if she was going to be a Grandmother again. "Yes I am," Danner
immediately replied, before trying to cover up her big balls-up by spluttering "Well I think I am. Oh, well I have not checked lately."

Like that’s going to fool anyone. At that point, Gwyneth’s publicists steamed in with the following statement:

"We have no comment to make. If and when she is and they want to come out with an announcement, they will do so."

American magazine Star is confident that Gwyneth is – it has said that the new baby will be expected in the Spring, and that it was probably conceived backstage at one of Coldplay’s UK festival dates.

We probably speak for the world when we say: Bleaurgh.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]