Disturbing Friday Fun: ‘Crying While Eating’

Good lord, this is strange.

The Internet can be an odd place. You’re safe with hecklerspray – yes, that is us holding your hand right now – but if you stray too far from the beaten path you can end up finding all sorts of madness.

That’s why we’re giving you the gift of Disturbing Friday Fun – a spanking new feature in which we give you a strange website to look at. On a Friday.

You can see where we’re going with this.

This week’s website is the frankly baffling Crying While Eating.

We have no idea how or why anyone would want to set this site up. And yet they have – a feat which is either a testament to the mystery of the human spirit or final definitive proof that some people just shouldn’t be allowed near computers. Ever.

The premise is this: people send in videos of themselves. In the videos they are crying. They are also eating while crying. They provide a reason as to why they are crying – which so far range from ‘the shameful mistreatment of animals’ to being ‘alienated by modern women’s fashion’.

And that’s it.

We know what you’re about to ask: "But I love crying! Especially while eating! How easy is it to send in a video of myself?" To which the answer is: very easy indeed. To which we give the further encouragement: go for it! And let us know if your video is put online for the world to see. We may even provide a link to it.

Provided we’re not too fucking terrified, that is.

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Crying While Eating

[story by C J Davies]