Dancing With The Stars Betting Odds: Leeza & Porizkova

Dancing With The Stars betting odds Leeza Gibbons Paulina PorizkovaIt’s day two of our introductory look at the contenders on US reality TV show Dancing With The Stars, which started last night. Who shone during Dancing With The Stars, and who sucked? We don’t know – we didn’t even watch it.

This is liberating stuff – usually when we do betting odds on a show, we have to basically lock ourselves away and write about it, but since Dancing With The Stars is on in a different country we don’t have to bother. Hooray. That’s not to say that we’re not going to bet on Dancing With The Stars, though – we’re going to place a dirty great bet this week while the odds are still huge and then reap our rewards in a few months. It’s perfect; you should give it a go.

Anyway, our look at the Dancing With The Stars betting odds continues right now with two more celebrities we wouldn’t recognise if they came and punched us in the wazoo – Leeza Gibbons and Paulina Porizkova – with help from Paddy Power

Leeza GibbonsWho the hell is Leeza Gibbons? Who cares? It’s a woman with a name that’s one letter away from being a schoolboy term for ‘lesbian.’ Leeza Gibbons is apparently some kind of talkshow host who has previously co-hosted Entertainment Tonight. But mainly Leeza Gibbons will be most fondly remembered as being reporter Jesse Perkins in the Robocop movies. Anyway, Leeza Gibbons’ Dancing With The Stars betting odds have been hampered by two main facts: 1) Leeza Gibbons was born 50 years ago, and 2) Leeza Gibbons appears to have been carved out of driftwood. Current Dancing With The Stars betting odds – 10/1

Paulina PorizkovaWho the hell is Paulina Porizkova? Without a shadow of a doubt, Paulina Porizkova is most famous for being the least pronounceable contestant on the 2007 season on US TV show Dancing With The Stars. Oh, and she’s a bit of a nudey supermodel too. Fans of dreadful late-night TV shows will have seen Paulina Porizkova naked in the movie Thursday and the movie Knots, but Paulina Porizkova isn’t just a grin and a pair of mostly-naked tits, you know – she’s also, um… OK, Paulina Porizkova is just a grin and pair of mostly-naked tits. But can Paulina Porizkova dance? We’ve consulted the Dancing With The Stars betting odds, and the Dancing With The Stars betting odds have said “Meh.” Current Dancing With The Stars betting odds – 10/1

Tomorrow – More of this, obviously. But if that’s too long to wait – or you feel like making more money than you know what to do with – head right over to the Paddy Power Dancing With The Stars betting odds page to see the latest, and best, betting odds.