Creased Or Folded? hecklerspray Tells You The Way It Is

Pressed or Scrunched.


  • Roger Ebert – Noted film critic and man of a thousand disagreements talks about losing the lower half of his jaw to cancer and how he will never speak again. Inspirational? We’d never use such a word.
  • The Week In Twitpics – Some sublime, some ridiculous, one of Thierry Henry looking ridiculously cool next to Ashley Cole, who looks like a total berk.
  • Architecture – They’re going to hold up a pyramid with inflatable bags. Surely that’s worth two minutes of your time?
  • Swear Your Way Out – Threatened with legal action? Swear at the problem until it’s too embarrassed to sue you!
  • Lady Gaga’s Youtube Channel – Suspended! Hurrah!