Charlie Sheen Is Back To Hating His Other Ex Wife

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denise richards charlie sheenOh snap, I think someone is drinking dragon’s blood again.  Charlie Sheen is back to writing creepy ass poems and posting menacing pictures on his Twitter account.  Shocking enough, these weren’t aimed at his crack loving ex wife, Brooke Mueller, or the DCFS.  Instead this time Sheen is pissed off at his second ex wife, Denise Richards.

Way to remind everyone why you have custody of NONE of your children, Charlie.  Shit, even Shoot Em Up Mueller has more of a chance of getting them back than you.  That’s just pathetic.

Charlie Sheen is known for a lot of things, but subtly and level headedness are not two of them.  Mediocre acting,  love for porn stars, the terribly inaccurate “WINNING!” phenomenon, sure.   But the guy just doesn’t scream “responsible” parent, which is why he only has visitation rights to his 4 children.

The last couple of years, Sheen has been embroiled in a nasty battle with his third ex wife, Brooke Mueller, about their twins.  Brooke loves to shoot the good shit in her veins, and makes Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety issues look like just a case of 21-itis.  So between stints in rehab that Charlie seems to be paying for most of the time, he also bought (and later took back) a home for her, and has given her a ton of child support.  The problem with giving her child support is that she has barely had custody of their sons, Max and Bob.  In fact, shit got so bad that Sheens other ex wife, Denise, ended up with temporary custody of them.

Sheen and Richards have two daughters of their own, Sam and Lola.  Back when the two got divorced, there were a ton of accusations from Denise about how abusive Sheen was and insane.

None of this should surprise anyone, he is also the same guy who shot Kelly Preston in the arm and turned into the world’s number 1 beard (writer’s note- they both deny this and say Kelly accidentally shot herself, but that’s because money talks).   However, since the years have progressed, they seemingly got over all their problems and became quite a happy little broken family.

Richards has been detrimental in Sheen’s  battle with DCFS, telling them how amazing of a dad he is, and how involved.  Richards has also taken care of his kids with Brooke, which means she deserves some sort of award because word on the street is that those boys are little evil Damiens.  She eventually threw her hands up and said “Take these bastards back!” but the fact remains that she was more physically committed to them than their own father.

Now the tides have turned on their partnership.  Charlie is pissed off that Denise has denied him joining her and the kids on their Christmas vacation.  He already wasn’t going to see his sons since they are currently under the care of Mueller’s brother, so not being able to with any of his kids has made Sheen see red.  And being the mature adult that he is, he decided the appropriate course of action wasn’t to discuss this like adults, but instead to post this shit on Twitter:

Oh, cause chopping up your decade old wedding favor just screams “I’M NOT BITTER!” And who the hell gives out meat shaped like a bat for a favor anyway?  That’s just gross.  Also, cue eye roll for the 6th grade intelligence in changing Richard’s name to DUH-NEESE.  Really creative.  I totally don’t see why Denise would ever want to limit contact between her kids and you.

Some sources are saying Richards is confused because she never actually told him to stay the fuck away, so she doesn’t know why he is all bent out of shape (answer- it’s the crack cocaine in his veins).   I am thinking she probably said he couldn’t bring his newest paid for fucking girlfriend to sing Christmas Carols and in Sheen’s warped brain, that meant him too.

Sheen is going for blood now, wanting to go to court because it seems they never hashed out legal visitation or child support amounts, and now he is bringing down the financial hammer on Denise.   He feels he has been too generous and nice to be treated this way.  Oh yes, because money solves all problems, Sheen.

Look how well lack of good parenting but boat loads of money have done for so many celebrity children.  Instead of being grateful that at least one of your baby mamas has a good head on her shoulders and shows them what sanity and trackless arms looks like, you are all pissy because someone dared go against what you want.  Go spend the holidays with your newest silicone tittied leech and realize that you are fucking insane.

Ugh, for the record- Emilio would never act this way.


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