Brody Jenner Has a Half Chub for Kim Kardashian


My second blog on Brody Jenner and Kim Kardashian in two weeks? It’s like I died and went to crappy reality television heaven. Speaking of which, recently on an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Brody, who, though he seems to hate Kris and ditched Kim’s wedding, still clings to them to remain relevant and on tv, admitted that step-sis Kim turned him on at least a little.?

While on a big ass family vacation (it’s a double entendre), Brody, who was only there to get a KUWTK pay cheque, “accidentally” walked in on Kris Jenner’s main source of income (aka Kim Kardashian without her clothes on). However, instead of running in horror, Brody enjoyed the view. I guess he hasn’t heard of the internet, because seeing Kim Kardashian naked only takes a Google search.

While on vacation with her family, Kim decided it was the perfect time to get a bunch of?fancy?pictures taken of herself to put together for Kanye (remember back when I wrote that blog about how she was posting all those weird fucking videos on her Instagram of her like slow motion swimming and shit? Yeah, it was from that shoot on that family vacation).

I know you all think I’m going to bash Kim for being vain and shit for putting together a book of pictures of herself for Kanye, but one Christmas I legit gave everyone a framed photo of me. I give people pictures of me all the fucking time. Sometimes I sign them. So I genuinely get this shit because it’s something totally fucking stupid that I would 100% do. Maybe not on family vacation, but I’d still do it. BUT ANYWAYS.

While Kim was getting changed for one of her shoots, Brody walked in on her getting changed and saw what basically every bitch on this planet has already seen.

Regardless of the fact that she’s been his step-sister for over 20 years, Brody said that seeing Kim’s naked giant ass was a bit of a turn on. And I quote:

Maybe just a half chub.

I mean, I guess having a half chub for your step-sister, who you share two biological sisters with, isn’t too weird or gross technically, but something about it really makes me uncomfortable. Then again, Brody Jenner used to go out with Avril Lavigne during that phase where she 100% looked like Skrillex, so I’m pretty sure anything with a vagina, regardless of how weird or nasty it is, gives him at least a half chub.