Britney Spears’ Wedding Is Off! Which Wedding Are We On Now?

Oh no! Britney Spears’ latest wedding is off! Yes, she was getting married again. We dunno, some bloke called?Jason Trawick. Yes, we know she’s been married a million times and still seems mental. STOP ASKING US QUESTIONS WITH YOUR MIND.

Anyway, this latest marriage. It has been?put on indefinite hold, which is really sad for Britters ain’t it?

Like hell it is! Apparently, she’s clicking her heels with glee about it all because she didn’t want to get married in the first place. Not that mental after all, eh?

Allegedly, Brit’s lawyers have advised her to postpone the marriage until her current legal dispute with ex-manager Sam Lufti had been resolved.

This, it’s being said, is giving her the perfect excuse to get out of an engagement she felt pressured in to, with a ‘family friend’ saying:

“Britney is telling Jason she?s heartbroken, but she?s actually thankful she has an excuse to pull out of the wedding.

“She feels that she was railroaded into the marriage by her dad, Jamie, and Jason because they thought it would be best for her, and she only said yes to Jason?s proposal because it seemed like the best way to free herself from her smothering conservatorship.”

Elsewhere, Britney is looking like a good bet to take a judges gig on The X Factor USA, with Louis Walsh seemingly confirming that Simon Cowell is in talks with her.

But then again, Louis Walsh thinks Berry Gordy is dead and that all black people remind him of other black people.