Bradley Cooper Knocks Zach Galifianakis Unconscious on Funny or Die

Zach-GalifianakisFunny or Die’s internet series,?”Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis,”?recently?released?a solid gold Oscar Edition, in which Zach interviews Oscar nominees, including?red-headed beauty Amy Adams, nicknamed “Cinnamon Muff” by Zach,?and his hunky Hangover co-star,?Bradley Cooper, whose segment rapidly deteriorates into a full-on?fight complete with smashed crockery.

“Between Two Ferns” is a (spoof)?talk show?that features?Zach conducting interviews with his characteristic dead-pan, faux-seriousness. For the Oscar Edition, he chats up?an impressive?selection of Oscar nominees …?Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain,?and Sally Field, to name a few … and while some of them fall flat (notably Anne Hathaway, who was embarassingly terrible), the fact that actors of their caliber are willing to participate in a?spoof show like this?proves that they’re alright.

With his special interviewing style … reminiscent of a bearded, white?Oprah … Zach?gets the stars to reveal not only fascinating personal?details … including Christoph Waltz’s?admission that he has considered changing his name to Christoph Break-Dance?… as well as?practical information …?such as?sweetly shy Naomi Watts explaining that while toilets do flush backwards in Australia, the feces do not go back into your rectum.

Zach gets Amy Adams to agree to an acting challenge?in which she delivers the line “Don’t you ever fart on my tits again” with remarkable dignity, and, in a surprising twist, Daniel Day-Lewis is replaced by Emmanuel Lewis (Webster from the 80s TV show,?for those of you younger than 40 … not dead yet, just really fat).

The final guest of the Oscar show?is Bradley Cooper. Zach gives him an Oscar speech that he wrote for him which turns out to be a?speech conceding the win to Daniel Day-Lewis. Then Zach and Bradley get into a scuffle which ends with Bradley smashing the ferns (between which they have been sitting) on Zach’s head. Bradley abandons Zach unconscious on the floor and, as the theme music plays the show out, Jessica Chastain storms back in to give Zach a final shove.