It’s A Bitchfest Behind The Doors Of Glee

Lea Michele Naya RIvera FuedBecause FOX hasn’t made enough money off of a crappy show featuring terrible song covers and pitiful storylines, Glee still has another full season to go after this one ends.? And while all the kids seem to be such besties (most of the time) on-screen, it turns out that isn’t so much the truth behind the scenes.?

This is especially for stars?Lea Michele and Naya Rivera, who are trying to scratch each other’s eyes with their acrylics and causing massive fights on the set.? Oh to be a prancing teenage extra in the background of this shitshow.

It’s kind of a well known non-secret that Lea Michele is a Junior Diva Bitch.? It’s also pretty obvious that?Naya Rivera’s Santana bitchiness is probably not all acting.? So when you take someone with the smugness?and warm heartedness?of a dead fish?and force them to interact daily with a chick who is slowly taking her Kim Kardashian Halloween costume to a more permanent daily look, it is just a matter of time before the ticking time bomb explodes.

Rumors have been going around for a while that the cast of Glee aren’t all friends in real life, and most of them seem to involve Lea Michele vs someone else.? If I remember correctly, she’s had issues with Matthew Morrison, Diana Agron, and now Naya. Basically anyone that takes away too much screen time from her, I am guessing.? And according to Naya’s people, it was Lea’s diva antics that started the blow up.

So, everyone was filming when allegedly Lea Michele went off to deal with some “personal matters” and held up shooting for a long time.? After people started bitching about how ridiculous this was, Rivera untucked her balls and went to the producers to complain about it.? When the Dollar Tree version of Barba Streisand heard about it, she stuck her gigantic schnoz in the air and stormed off, leaving the studio.? Lea’s sources claim Michele had no idea that Rivera went tattle tale-ing on her, and it was actually Naya who was acting like an uptight diva.? Lea’s sources also say Rivera was not only kicked off set, but was actually given the Donald Trump treatment.

Of course, neither is actually confirming or denying this happened, which means it totally did. ?And I would be worried their fighting could ruin the show, if the show wasn’t already ruined once they let the original cast graduate high school and brought in even shittier actors to take over.