Are Beyonce and Jay Z Still in Love, Or What?!


I kind of feel like making Beyonce and Jay Z a mix tape, WITH the first song on side A being: “Quit Playing Games with My Heart” by The Backstreet Boys, because these two have been fucking with my emotions for MONTHS! Ever since the whole Solange elevator fiasco, the rumour mill (which I have discovered is NOT a real mill) has been saying these two are having some serious marital issues.

More recently, even People magazine, the classiest fucking tabloid magazine on the planet, has been jumping on the “Beyonce and Jay Z are heading for divorce” train, which really made me think that the apocalypse was really upon us, because Bey and Jay breaking up clearly meant the end of the world.

However, Beyonce has constantly been pulling that “actions speak louder than words” shit with this whole situation.

On one hand, she’s changed some of the lyrics to some of the songs from their “On the Run” tour that kind of imply that Jay Z stepped out on her. Also, it looks like she’s gotten her IV tattoo (a matching tattoo she got with Jay when they got married) removed.

BUT, on the other hand, her Instagram is pure Jay Z love, and last night home girl confused me even more.

Every bitch ass tabloid on the planet is saying she’s looking for their own apartment and talking to lawyers, but last night, after an insane, tearing down the house, classic Beyonce performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, Jay Z, along with their two-year-old daughter, Blue, lovingly presented Beyonce with the life time achievement award, and it seemed pretty genuine since, as I’ve said in the past, Beyonce isn’t exactly that great of an actor:

It’s like, I don’t know man. Sure they could be keeping it together until this big shit show of an HBO special next month, or maybe, just maybe, Beyonce and Jay Z really are just like a normal couple and sometimes they just have some shit they need to work out?

Yeah, I know, you’re all eye rolling at me right now and I sound as delusional as Nicki fucking Minaj, but let a bitch dream, would ya?!