Ben Affleck And Matt Damon: Together Again At Last

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are more famous for being best friends and winning a screenwriting Oscar together for Good Will Hunting than any of the films they’ve tried to make since. 

But now – after nearly eight years since their starring roles in Good Will Hunting – Affleck and Damon are getting back together in a courtroom drama that has yet to be named. Hopefully this upcoming untitled movie will incorporate themes from Matt and Ben’s solo flicks, meaning they’ll finally get to play co-joined blind lawyer superhero spies that perform cunnilingus on Jennifer Lopez under duress.

In that time since Ben Affleck (DVDs) and Matt Damon became mega-stars in Hollywood,
Affleck has graced us with Bennifer parts I and II and demonstrated his
lack of judgement in role selection by taking several roles which have
since damaged his ability to pick up good quality starring parts. Ben even showed his real acting chops off in what is quite possibly the
worst film in decades – Gigli

On the other hand, Damon has acted
to more acclaim critically in movies such as The Talented Mr. Ripley
and the Bourne series. Yet, while the two of them have taken
seemingly different paths in Hollywood, they are still forever linked.
Affleck and Damon have always expressed interest in getting back
together to write and act in another film project, and barring their
small parts in nearly all of Kevin Smith‘s Askewniverse, the
two of them have not had any starring roles together since their
appearances in Good Will Hunting

They are now signed on to star in the as-yet-to-be-named film about two
lawyers that work for 15 years to free an innocent man on death row.
The film is based on a true story with Affleck and Damon playing the
parts of the two lawyers. And in the end, they manage to free him. The end. Now at least you don’t have to go and see it.

This time around Damon and Affleck have left the screenwriting duties
up to Chris Murphey. Murphey has only one television movie called Dead
in his writing credits to this point with another project
announced called Conrail. This film is slated to be distributed by
Touchstone Pictures and will be produced by Damon and Affleck’s very
own Live Planet Shingle.

The anticipated release of this film will undoubtedly not be for at
least of few more years since both Damon and Affleck have several films
each in the pipeline. Damon can currently be seen in theatres in the
political thriller Syriana, and Affleck can next be seen in a cameo role
in yet another Kevin Smith movie tentatively titled Clerks II: The
Passion of the Clerks

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[story by Michael Van Orden]