Axl Rose Beaten Up By Fancy Fashion Bloke

Tommy Hilfiger Axl Rose Fight PlummWhen you think of Tommy Hilfiger, what comes to mind? Photos of weird, lab-grown teenagers sitting on some preppy steps outside a purpose-built university set? A man who wants to make everyone smell like Beyonce?

Whatever you previously thought of Tommy Hilfiger, dismiss them immediately and replace it with an image of a screaming, swearing 55-year-old monkey in a nightclub trying in vain to beat the life out of Axl Rose for moving his drink. Because that's what apparently happened on Thursday night.

It's heartening to know that, no matter how famous they get, some celebrities are just like us. Us specifically. We like nothing better than to go down to Wetherspoons on a Thursday night in our best Ben Sherman shirt, down 23 pints of almost-expired Stella and then try to start a fight with people bigger than us in the carpark before passing out and urinating ourselves in a taxi, Paris Hilton-style.

And there's no celebrity more like us than Tommy Hilfiger, if reports are to be believed. Last Thursday night, Tommy Hilfiger took some time out from designing horrible polo shirts and hats that don't suit anybody to flounce on down to a new Manhattan nightclub called The Plumm for Rosario Dawson's 27th birthday with his girlfriend Dee Ocleppo. All was going well until Axl Rose dared to move Dee's drink.

Axl Rose, who is supposed to have a new album out this year or something, was at The Plumm to perform a few songs for Rosario. He tried to explain the situation to KROQ the following day:

"I moved his girlfriend's drink so it wouldn't spill. It was the most surreal thing, I think, that's ever happened to me in my life."

Which, for someone who spent years standing on a stage next to a man with a KFC bucket on his head, must be pretty surreal. After Axl Rose moved Ocleppo's drink, Hilfiger apparently lost his marbles and started shouting at Axl Rose to move the drink back while punching him in the arm. According to Rose:

"He just kept smacking me."

Eventually, Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo left The Plumm, leaving Axl Rose to play a few hits to a room filled with celebrities like Lenny Kravitz, Mickey Rourke, Kid Rock, Peter Beard, Molly Simms, Wentworth Miller, Ann Dexter Jones, Lydia Hearst and Damon Dash. And, with all the humour of a man who has just spent 10 years making an overbaked new album, dedicated the song You're Crazy to:

"My good friend Tommy Hilfiger."

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[story by Stuart Heritage]