Awesome Or Off-Putting: The American Man-Bat

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This week: Cryptozoology

Anyone with an ounce of comic book knowledge knows that Batman's done battle with a half man/half bat creature conveniently named Manbat. And Manbat is exactly what he sounds like – a man-size bat, winged and all. The very concept of it is enough to make most any person shudder, so lucky for us Manbat is a purely fictional character, one that can't hurt us from inside his 2"X2" comic panel.

At least that's what we thought. Two Wisconsin men say different. Those men claim to have recently had a very close encounter with just such a creature – an encounter so terrifying it made them pull over to vomit.

Awesome or off-Putting has brought you a lot of strange stories. We've reported on things like a talking mongoose, bigfoot, and UFO's up the wazoo. We're bringing you something today that's just as out there. Only problem is, we're not sure we can legally tell this tale, as the website hosting the story has a very serious sounding post that says:


Heavy, no? As we don't really feel like getting sued, we'll not tell you this stupendous, endlessly-fascinating tale of which you simply must learn. Instead, we'll provide you with a link that'll do the telling for us.  

We highly recommend you click it.

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