Aubrey Plaza’s New Movie (In Which She Masturbates And Ponders Rim Jobs) Looks Great

aubrey-plaza Weird and awkward is Aubrey Plaza’s thing. Sometimes it’s brilliant and sometimes it fails miserably, but in her new movie “The To-Do List,” it?works like a fucking?house on fire.

Aubrey stars as a virginal high school valedictorian named Brandy who is told by her helpful big sister (played by Rachel Bilson) to expect her freshman year of college to be “one big sexual pop quiz … [with] penises everywhere.” And thus begins Brandy’s summertime quest?to learn the basics of gettin’ down.

She approaches her sexual mission by?creating an orderly and ambitious list of carnal acts that she intends to perform/experience, which includes but is?not limited to:?hickies,?pearl necklace (which she thinks “sounds elegant”), hand job, blow job, rim job,?shocker, and tea bag (“probably British”).

When asked by GQ to discuss her favorite of the many sex acts she performed in the movie, Aubrey paints a choice visual.

“I liked angrily?masturbating. I say my own name, which?you kind of think could be hot in a way, but it doesn’t come off that way. I’m like, ‘C’mon, Brandy. You got this, Brandy.’ But I have two hands up my vagina and I’m just staring, and I’m wearing a Hillary Clinton T-shirt.”

You have to love that, right?

The movie … which also stars Bill Hader, McLovin, and Maeby from Arrested Development … is set in the early 1990s, just after Bill Clinton was elected to his first term as president, and appropriately features awesome blasts from the past, like scrunchies worn in public, Trapper Keepers,?and Salt N Pepa. It’s a hilarious film and worth every squirmy moment.