Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Stopped Giving a Damn

Arnold Schwarzenegger BadassOver the years, we’ve heard allegations that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a colossal butt-groping philanderer, and those allegations were realized when he publicly admitted to banging his housekeeper. And?oh right?fathering her child and keeping it super secret for like, a decade.

So when Schwarzenegger had his first big interview since that incident, via 60 Minutes, he had an opportunity to redeem himself. It had been a while since news of the scandal broke, and he’s since been working and acting again. People have nearly forgotten his massive transgression long enough to remember just how much we love doing impressions of him and watching him in explosive action movies. In that interview, Arnold had the opportunity to make a comeback. A huge comeback. So how did he handle that opportunity?

He looked it in the face and high-fived himself for fucking Brigitte Nielsen.

Okay, maybe not exactly. But Arnold seemed less than devastated by his epic infidelity. And now, the public is appalled by his lack of remorse. As a well-groomed politician, Arnold had to have seen this coming when he casually said:

“I’m not perfect.”

So this leads to me to believe one thing: Arnold has officially stopped giving a fuck.

Let’s start with his new book. First of all, he’s not shy about taking this whole scandal thing to the bank. The interview was part of the a promotion of his new book, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.”

I love the fact that he basically ruined the lives of at least two women and five of his own children, and he’s turned that tragedy into a big, dumb pun.

Might as well have named the book, “Oops! The Arnold Schwarzenegger Story.”

Much like the honey badger, Arnold don’t care:

Second, upon being asked about one of the biggest political/celebrity scandals of the decade, which is penis and his penis alone is solely responsible for, Arnold did admit it was the worst thing he’s done, but he just seemed to lack any real remorse. His apathy was enough for interviewer Lesley Stahl to ask:

“What is it with you?”

“I don’t know,” Schwarzenegger replied. “That’s the way I handle things, and it has always worked.”

He also added: “I think Maria is wishing me well with everything I do.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Young Bodybuilder

Arnold definitely isn’t going out of his way to redeem himself. In fact, according to TMZ, Shriver and her four children are pretty pissed about the whole interview thing, with a source saying:

“The [60 Minutes] piece is a blowjob for Arnold. Lesley Stahl just fawned over him.”

In that interview, the public wanted to see Arnold somber, regretful of his actions. But he instead seems to be totally fine with his mistakes, even making light of them with his punny new book.

In short, the crazy nastyass Arnold don’t care.