Zayn Malik Without Makeup

Zayn Malik Looking Good

Zayn Malik, one of the five members of British boy band One Direction, seems to have a pretty sweet life. His band’s debut album broke records, their second album is scheduled to be released later this year, his hair defies gravity, and he’s dating the adorable Perrie Edwards of ultra-hot girl group Litte Mix.

Nineteen-year old Zayn has a reputation for being a ladies’ man, with?incessant rumors of his alleged?indiscretions swirling around cyberspace. I think we should give the poor kid a break. He should seize the moment, live like he’s young (sorry … couldn’t resist), and enjoy his success now, because it’s unlikely to last long.

Most performers wear stage makeup … it’s practically mandatory. And given the youth of the One Direction boys, they probably still have horrible skin. That’s why it’s nice to see that Zayn Malik without makeup looks like a regular guy.

Zayn Malik Without Makeup

In the first photo of Zayn with a bare face, he looks very handsome. His complexion looks clear, his eyes are gorgeous, and the stubble is a reminder that he is actually a man, despite the super-gay music. His hair is ridiculous though … grow it or cut it, but right now it’s nonsense.

The One Direction singer looks young and tired in the next photo, with a dickish swagger that I don’t think he’s earned yet. He basically looks like an average guy, though in reality he probably just hung out with the equally-masculine?Justin Bieber and then nailed three or four groupies.

Zayn Malik Without Makeup



  1. Ayla says


  2. Marloes. says

    what the fuck? how can it be gay music when it’s ’bout girls? get your facts straight dude. his hair doesn’t look ridiculous. look at yourself before judging someone else.

  3. KAYLEIGH says

    one direction are better than eny other boy bands jls are not better than one direction. one direction bettter than jls and the wanted too if you dont be leef me then i dont be leef you if thats not fair then thats not fair to you. you know is that ok right where was i up too oh yeah i know i was up too this so one direction are the best and jls and the wanted are not the best one direction are the best one direction are better than eny thing you know ok. Then now i was going to tell you this before but i dint tell you it before so ill tell you now ok right lets get startid ok. one direction have been freton right i dont know how to spell ffrention thats why i spell it wrong i dont know why so dont shout at me wont you not if i spell it wrong right thks you wont tell me off good job you wont tell me off thks. thank you so i better go soon not yet so right im going to finsh my story soon is that ok my nan on my tablet im on my mums laptop doing a story im going to do more storyis too. I love doing storyis do you guys love doing storyis too if you do then your just coppying me so dont coppy me, one direction have been frentoned they nelly died im so upset that one drection have been frentioned and they nelly died so plz dont say dont be upset ok.

  4. glen coco says

    Girl first of all its ”believe” second of all learn how to spell. What the fuck are you talking about,I don’t think anyone knows. Everything you wrote has nothing to do with the Zayn article

  5. glen coco says

    yah, the music is gay … i mean
    Under the lights tonight
    You turned around, and you stole my heart
    With just one look, when I saw your face
    I fell in love
    It took a minute girl to steal my heart tonight (eh eh eh)….. real manly. Any way im sure larry stylinson is real

  6. ally says

    yup all gays……….they fucking beat justin biebers music!!
    this group wont last 4 long…:p

  7. JakeFromStateFarm says

    It’s….pretty gay…..I mean I’m a directioner and I still make fun of how gay it is, I’m not the only one.

  8. salehah says

    i love one direction and it would be a dream come true if i ever get to meet them .about the others how can u say they r bad and ugly i think they r so cute and handsome . i love every single one of them .we should not judge others by their look .its whats that inside their hearts that matters and as far as i know they r very kind hearted ans generouse .

  9. Anna says

    It’s not gay…and his hair is not ridiculous what is ridiculous about his hair…that’s his hair and he’s free to do whatever he wants with it…and he’s an ACTUALL sweetheart don’t even know him …and it looks like you didn’t even meet him in person….and last but not least you’re born to be real not perfect…stop hating and go get a life make the world worst than it actually is.

  10. Larissa says

    This article and the comments are discriminating against homosexuality and women.

    A man should never ‘nail’ a woman. A woman is not a trophy, having sex with many women doesn’t make you ‘a man’. Real men treat women with the respect of an equal. Sex is an expression of love anything less is meaningless and sad.

    Unless this group is singing ballads to other men; they are not gay. Using the word ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner to express that this person is less than masculine is disgusting. As a person who writes articles on the internet; you should be aware that there are many people who will read this.

    Being gay is this opressive society means being brave enough to stand up to bullys and cowards, and that in my opinion is far more masculine than having casual sex with multiple women.

  11. skara says

    Im a directioner and i feel that zayn is perfect and his hair is not at all ridiculous………and its not gay.

    I LOVE U 1D ????????????BYE

  12. Gaby says

    Are u messing around? “Despite the gay music” u try to make that kind of money. His hair is way better than yours iim guessing because he is beyond perfection and you belong in the dumpster.

  13. Zaynster says

    he hair is not ridiculous and he is special!! his voice is the best especially the high notes <3 AND ONE DIRECTION IS NOT GAY ALSO IS A British AND Irish Band!

  14. maybe.maybe.not says

    i bet you highly regret creating this article, seeing as Zayn did end up earning his ‘dickish swagger’ and he was apart of the biggest boy band alive.

    every single boy bander, singer, celebrity looks like a normal person. because they are normal people.


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