You! Ask Snoop Dogg A Question!

Hecklerspray might have something of a coup in the pipeline, and we need your help.

Following our red-hot interview with Tina from S Club 7 this week, there's a very good chance that our next interviewee will be none other than Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg! Even better, he's going to respond to the questions on video. But we just don't know what to ask him.

That's where you come in. We want Snoop Dogg to answer your questions. So we want you use the comment box below to leave as many questions – good, bad, funny, serious – to Snoop Dogg as you like. We'll cherrypick the best ones and let Snoop work his magic on them.

Sound like a deal? Good. And while you're thinking you can watch the preposterously good video to Snoop Dogg's new single Sensual Seduction for inspiration. 


  1. blank says

    What are the social implications of being named Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr.?

    Folder or scruncher?

    Do you think this bunch of Aussi comedians represented your gangsta posse accurately?

    Daisies or lavenders?

    Were you wholly content with the Harry Potter 7 ending or in true style would you have liked to see Harry depart the world due to Voldermort having ‘popped a cap in his ass yo!’?

    Would you mind not swearing in your next song? – foul language really is meant for those who cannot express themselves linguistically which is a shame when our language provides us with so many other politer, expressive alternatives.

    Would the Liberal Party get your vote in the next elections if you were to be an Australian Citizen then?

    So…how about this weather of ours eh?

  2. Horse says

    What’s it like being a living, walking, talking negative racial stereotype?

    Please describe your creative process from start to finish with regard to track making.

    When was the last time you cried and what about?


    Ask him whether he likes Apple products or not. Is he an iPod man or what?