Yoko Ono Ruins Everything that is Good

Yoko Ono

I’ve yet to meet someone that intensely dislikes Katy Perry. She’s not the best singer in the world, and nor is she the best looking person ever (though she is stupendously attractive). I have met people that dislike Yoko Ono.

Many, many people dislike Yoko Ono. And for good reason. She broke up the Beatles. She made John Lennon really, really weird. And she’s basically managed to get rich and famous off absolutely no talent other than that better associated with leeches.

And now she’s ruined ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry. Now that’s a perfectly catchy pop song. It’s inspiring for people: “baby you’re a firework, come on let your colors burst.” It’s about showing the world what you are, in all your glory. And for some reason, Yoko Ono, the person who has to suck all the positivity out of the world, has decided to attack poor defenceless Katy Perry, suckerpunching her with a supposedly cool and edgy cover version of Perry’s hit.

Tell me if you think that’s funny. I personally don’t. It’s just baffling. It’s stupid, and pointless, and instead of trying to show how Katy Perry is sexualised and vapid (which I think is what Ono was trying to get at), all it shows is that Yoko Ono is stupid and petty.

Katy Perry

Still, some people are trying to defend it. Here’s Youtube user l1nkie:

It’s a satire.her ‘moans’ and grunts symbolize how katy perry is only a sexual image, and how the song in it’s very essence is a fake meaningless piece of shit based around an image, hence the meaningless noises. This makes sense in a way when you take into account that she is also a feminist.

This shouldnt be taken as music, it’s a more of a statement; that the image shouldn’t matter, but it does (and even here).

It’s pointless. She’s just a small annoying woman trying desperately to cling to any sort of ‘artistic merit’ she claimed by riding on the coat tails of John Lennon. And it should stop.


  1. Luci says

    I don’t see it as a commentary on anything, feminist or otherwise. It’s self-indulgent and trivial. I’m not sure how she managed to keep a straight face, or an audience for that matter.

  2. Roy says

    Her “songs” back in the day sound just as shitty as this one, so maybe she was singing the song straight and she just sucks as a singer?

  3. Common Sense says

    What the hell are you talking about. You wrote a blog post on something you didn’t even look into enough to read the description of the video. It’s a mash-up. Basically, what I imagine is, she was doing some modern/abstract art that focused on “the power of vocals insighting emotion” or something like that, and then the Youtuber mixed in a piano backing of fireworks and yoko. I’m not defending her, I’m simply pointing out that if you want to demean people on the internet, you better be well informed. Here is the original, and guess what? It took me all of five seconds to find. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdZ9weP5i68