Xbox 360 Unveiled

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox 360 – the next next generation of videogames.

The mega-corporation has taken taken the unusual step of launching the console six months before it Xboxgoes on sale, by making a TV show about for MTV, presented by Frodo Baggins with music by The Killers (CDs).

The Americans have already had the chance to see this marketing extravaganza, and the rest of the world can catch it tonight. But what’s the new console actually like?

Details are thin on the ground and – judging by reports – the MTV Xbox show is a typical, million cuts a second, flash flash, bang bang epileptomercial. So lets look at what we know.

Firstly, the Xbox 360 looks nicer than it’s predecessor. Instead of something that looks like Darth Vader’s (potato head) bread-bin, we will now have a much more attractive, creamy-white, curved beauty of a console.

Microsoft are also promising that the new Xbox will have wireless controllers. We’re not sure how this will affect things – after all, nobody plays a videogame while they’re skateboarding – but at least it’ll look neater.

It’ll also be much more powerful than an original Xbox, coming with a 20Gb hard-drive, as opposed to the 8Gb on the older version. This means that you’ll be able to use it for streaming music, video and pictures.

And everyone’s very excited about it all. Meanwhile, Sony are hiding away, reportedly coming up with a ‘brain’-style processor for the Playstation 3. The processor is said to be ten times more powerful than a modern-day PC, which gives us awful nightmares about consoles growing legs and smothering us in our sleep. However, it’s not expected to be released until next year, long after the Xbox 360 goes on sale.

We really only use videogames for blowing up petrol stations in Grand Theft Auto after a hard day at the office, but if you’d like to know more, here’s a full list of Xbox 360 specs. We’re sure they’re very impressive.

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