X Factor Betting Odds – This Week’s Odds To Win


X_factor_betting_odds_4tuneToday, X Factor has made us happy and sad at the same time. Happy because 4Tune – the rubbishiest, blandest, most dire boyband in the history of music – got the shove on Saturday. While that’s good for our ears, it’ll also be fun to watch Simon Cowell shifting around on his seat like a wormy dog for the rest of the season as he tries to keep his other rubbish groups in the competition.

But we’re sad because 4Tune had elimination odds of 24/1 on Friday, but we assumed that the teenage girl vote would keep them in X Factor. So we didn’t place a bet on them. So we’re not rich. So we’re sad.

Now we’ve seen the contestants sing two songs, we’re better placed to judge the betting odds of each of them to win this series of X Factor. So here are the latest odds to win X Factor, with help from Betfair.com

Chenai Zinyuku – This week, Chenai is the least favourite contestant
to win X Factor. And it’s because she was up for elimination with 4Tune
this week. No doubt her enormous army of two fans are pleased by her
escape on Saturday, but it looks like the writing is on the wall for
cry-machine Chenai. However, her experience at the weekend might kick
her up the arse enough to get her act together a bit more next week.
Current odds – 69/1

Chico Slimari – Despite the obvious flaws as a performer that Chico
has, we’re starting to develop a nagging admiration for him. Maybe it’s
because when he sings he reminds us a bit of Eilert Pilarm, the Swedish
Elvis impersonator, or maybe it’s because he isn’t as cloyingly tedious as,
say, 4Tune. He’ll be doing hen-parties by the middle of next year, but
for now Chico deserves to stay. Current odds – 49/1

Phillip McGee – How Phillip managed to avoid elimination this week
is completely beyond us. His honking, off-key rendition of Wind Beneath
My Wings
– a crappy song however it is sung – was so bad that blood
actually squirted out of ears when we heard it. More than anyone, he
needs to get it together if he wants to win the competition. Current
odds – 49/1

The Conway Sisters – The biggest compliment that The Conway Sisters
were given on Saturday was that they had improved from the first week – but their first week performance was so intensely crap that if they had gone
onstage on Saturday and vomited up shards of broken glass, it’d be seen
as an improvement. They’ve got an entire country voting for them, so
we’re feeling slightly resigned to the fact that no matter how awful
they are – and they are awful – they’ll be in the competition for a few more weeks. But winning X Factor? Not a chance. Current odds – 47/1

Brenda Edwards – Here’s the deal with Brenda. She’s a good singer
and a charismatic performer. But can you see her on CD:UK or on the
cover of a pop magazine? Would you even rush out and buy her single?
No. So she won’t win. Current odds – 24/1

Nicholas Dorsett – We said last week that Nicholas had to stamp his
identity on this week’s song, and that’s what he did. Sort of. In
actual fact, he stamped Marvin Gaye‘s identity on his track – mimicking
every single Marvin "Ooh" and "Woo" during his performance of Let’s Get
It On
. Simon called the song "modern," which – considering it was
released 32 years ago – probably says more about X Factor than Dorsett’s
performance. Current odds – 10/1

Maria Lawson – Maria is a good singer but it seems that she is only
able to bellow stuff at full volume. This trick might get old fast. However, she
already has a big following, and she’s a possible long-shot to win X
. Her marriage is fucked if she does, though. Current odds – 22/3

Journey South – Reasons we dislike Journey South: 1) They are
creepy, 2) Their name is a blowjob joke, 3) One of them had an acoustic
guitar on Saturday, 4) The way they dress, 5) They sang Desperado on
Saturday, 6) The way their voices do that contrived rock growl that
whiny pop stars do when they pretend to be credible, 7) Everything
else. Current odds – 29/4

Andy Abraham – Binman Andy has been dislodged from the top spot this
week, but this is because he sang early on in the show – so people
forgot about him, and because he sang a vaguely upbeat number. Slap him
on last next week, give him a heartbreaking underdog ballad to croon
and he’ll be the favourite again. Mark our words. Current odds – 31/8

Shayne Ward – Shayne brought the house down with his overwrought
rendition of… of… a Daniel Bedingfield song. Who the hell voted for
that? Anyway, the judges said all sorts of superlatives about him and
he’s now favourite to win X Factor. The fact that he was the last
performer on Saturday hasn’t got anything to do with it, oh no. Current
odds – 17/11

We’ll be looking at the betting odds for the next X Factor
elimination later on in the week, but until then, if you want to find
out how the odds stand at any moment in time, head over to the UK TV Special Bets section of Betfair.com. And get betting! You get free stuff when you join up, look…

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  1. ann halstead says

    I think Nicohlas will win if he is given the right types of songs. If he were able to sing song like ‘I think I can fly’ by R. Kelly and a song like ‘Back to One’ by Brian Knight. I hope Louie Walsh will give Nicholas a chance to pick his own songs and put his mark on them like I believe he (Nicholas) can do.

  2. margaret says

    Simon Cowel has lost his head tonight, I have the greatest respect for simon he knows what he’s talking about, shocker tonight simon lost it or is he keeping in with sharon this programme is becoming rediculous.
    no disrespect to chico but should not have been there in the first place. he’ll be in eastenders next

  3. richie bullen (slough) says

    nicholas and andy are really good i think they will be the contestents in the final go on boys no disrespect but get chico out his got moves but he cant sing still well done for getting this far, simon cowell has an attitude problem and sharon is too soft good choice on philip though simon and i think that shane is good but my all time favourite and i think louis needed to rethink it was james the next michael jackson and if he sold an album and won which i think he would of i would of bout it coz he has a great voice. shame your not there james please try again next year.

  4. Mawa says

    Chico your sooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    every time you put your shirt up mannnnnnnnnnnnnn t faint

    Maria to win

  5. bozz says

    Chico, Go home!!

    Chico is an embarassment to the UK music industry, he has taken the place of real talent and a chance for some other poor soul to shine!

    Simon is right on more than one occasion and chico should have notbeen sent through!

    Another thing thats winding me up with the voting system between the judges is how they vote based not on the talent but tactics!!!!??? are they for real or what!??? Talent is what is needed to be judged not wether one judges act got voted out so a different one must be chosen! what a load of bull! Get some balls if your gonna be judges!!!

    Oh, and what sharon did with the voting wait and indesiciveness etc.. that was wrong, SHARON, IF YOU CANT HACK IT JACK IT! Even though she is a fine bit of lady i wouldn’t mind giving a good seeing to, but get your act together darling!

    Simon and louis?!what the hell are you doing, i know u both have 5 labels and have a roster the size of tesco’s stock lists , but come on, arguing like kids! Tossers! Get it right you pair of kids!

    Anyway less of the slaggin off,

    i reckon there are some real talent going on this year, andy is the doggs, brenda is like tina turner but better and shayne, he’s the proper talen there!!! dont look like a pop star yet, give it a month after he wins he’ll have a top10 hit!! oh and suprise suprise, on simon cowells label! how funny!lol

    Oh Maria, why the hell are you trying a singing career, get your tits out, earn some proper cash and poss do some porn if ya know what good for you!!bloddy hell!! when i watch her ithink tits tits tits, lovely! sorry darling you too endowed for this game!

    anyways peeps any feedback drop us some emails at bozz2000uk@yahoo.com


    Record Producer

  6. toni says

    Nicholas should never have went :(
    i was sooo sad .. i still belive in him tho.. and i know he can do it… hes got a very nice voice and i love it! i hope to see nicholas doing what he dose best … singing!!! i love him