X Factor Betting Odds – Maria Out, Who’ll Win?

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X_factor_betting_odds_maria_lawson_1So Maria Lawson has been eliminated from this series of X Factor, and can now look forward to a career as the new Rosie Ribbons.

Maria’s odds of being eliminated from X Factor on Saturday were so huge that we’re slightly upset at not betting on her to go; almost as upset as we get when we realise that we’ll have to watch The Conway Sisters massacre another bland tune next week, too.

But now that Maria – previously one of the front-runners to win X Factor – has been shown the door, can we figure out who will win the series? Here are the latest betting odds to win X Factor, with help from Betfair.com

The Conway Sisters – Good old Louis Walsh, he’ll never let his
business sense get in the way of actual talent. If the rumours that he
had already signed The Conway Sisters before the series began are true, it goes some way to
explaining why he chose the group’s reedy honking over Maria’s more
accomplished performance. On the official website of The Conway
Sisters, it states that Thom Yorke is a big influence on the girls. Maybe they
should try their hand at Idioteque next week. Anyway, The Conway
Sisters have no chance of winning X Factor. Current odds – 110

Chico Slimari – Chico isn’t just a squawking dancing gonk, you know.
He is a Serious Artist, and he sings Serious Artistic Songs. Or Enrique
songs, at least. However, he mauled his performance of Hero so
badly that he was lucky not to be in the final two. The fact that he
somehow managed to squeeze through could be down to the fact that, in our experience, a lot of
females turn into enormous gormless spazzes when they hear that
song. Current odds – 38

Nicolas Dorsett – Nicholas has only really stood out twice in this
series of X Factor. Once for singing Let’s Get It On pretty well, and
once for singing I Want You Back like a choking kitten. Other than
that, he has been the most instantly forgettable singer in the competition,
and Saturday was no different. He snoozed his way through I Believe I
Can Fly
, and the sound of the nation’s indifferent shrugs was
deafening. Current odds – 26

Brenda Edwards – The big question surrounding Brenda is whether or
not she’ll be a decent recording artist. And we genuinely don’t know.
In short: we quite like her, but she sang a lousy song on Saturday. And
she laughs like a Bond villain. And she won’t win. Current odds – 9.4

Journey South – U2. Bryan Adams. Let’s face it – it was a matter of
time before Journey South sang a rubbish old Bon Jovi song. Just like
we said they would. What else is there to say? According to Simon
, Journey South are front-runners to win the series. According to
us, Journey South are creepy buskers and we really don’t want them to
win. Current odds – 5

Andy Abraham"I’ll make love to you," sang Andy on Saturday. Oh no
you won’t, you stinky prawny binman. Andy’s song was a shamelessly
populist one, as it contained big long notes, key changes and a gospel choir singing on the
backing track. He couldn’t have won people over any more if he went into the audience
dishing out £20 notes. And there’s still a chance that
he’ll win X Factor. Current odds – 4.6

Shayne Ward – We’ll give the judges one thing; they really do have some stunning imagination on them. Last week they told Shayne that he could be the new Justin
, and this week he sang… a Justin Timberlake song. Or
rather, he did a gigantic Justin Timberlake impression. And he’s still
the favourite to win. What’s the deal with that? Current odds – 2.48

Later on in the week we’ll give you the latest betting odds for the
X Factor managers and the next X Factor elimination. But until then,
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  1. Susan McDonald says

    Maria should never of gone ,Brenda is my favorite though and nicholus needs a younger song like something from usher. Graet show though

  2. Gemma Hemingray says

    i think maria should have stayed in the x factor and definetly should have won shes the best without her theres not much competition.

  3. natalie says

    basically i tink nicholas an brenda r d best ppl on dat show , sharon needs 2 FIX up coz she new dat dem conway sistas wer rubbish but she only voted off nicholas coz loui voted off her gal , revenge is jus childish , if they wan 2 find d real x factor den dey shud take dat show more seriously

    bless 1
    p.s i tink nicholas is sexy n has gr8 voice